A weekend that I wouldn’t want repeated

Monday 29 January at 1248 | Posted in Life, Personal | 21 Comments

So due to a bit of an ongoing problem with a tooth the weekend had me with an abscess. I was in ALOT of pain. My cheek is about 3 times its normally size – I look like a monster. I was vomitting. I had the chills mixed in with a fever. It was alround a bad weekend. But I want to talk about the good points.

This weekend I got the full loving attention of my fabulous, good looking and great girlfriend.
Pinkosa looked after me like a stand in nurse. Except there was no bathing. But I’m sure had I asked I would of had bath prepared straight away. Pinkosa helped me to the emergency clinic in my very fragile state. Spent all weekend not only making sure I followed the doc’s order’s but also she kept insisting that I eat, even when I didn’t want to. She cooked all my meals, tidied up afterwards to.  Wasnt bothered after I had vomitted and then had to do the emergency tooth brush and mouth wash, and then got back in bed with her. She even got up in the middle of the night to get a damp cloth after I started to over heat.
Overall the temporary Nurse Pinkosa I had at the weekend was just another one of the reasons why I am lucky to have found such a fantastic girl who I love dearly.

Thank you Pinkosa for all your caring. I think you’re great.

The ongoing tooth problem has led the dentist to decide the only option left is the last one. To remove the tooth completely. On Friday. When I next plan on seeing the missus. Maybe I should call ahead and warn her I won’t be feeling too good that weekend either. Maybe she can pick up a Nurses uniform this time to cheer me up. 😉

So I could be a little quiet on all the commenting for a bit. Until I feel like myself again and not the ‘Hunchcheek of Bluebell Woods’.
But did anyone catch Top Gear? Cant believe I missed it. Arse. Was it good? I’ll properly catch the repeat on Wednesday?
Also did anyone know
Louis Theroux was on this weekend? Gutted twice as much at missing him.



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  1. well! ahem! thanks!

    i’ll see what i can do about that outfit 😉

  2. What a wounderful girlfriend you have I hope you are good to her. You have my total sympathy on your tooth problem. I have been suffering with my wisdom teeth, the pain is so bad!

    Top Gear, oh my god it’s amazing that Richard Hammond survived that crash. Louis Theroux was showing the best of so you didn’t miss much.

  3. Pinkosa, no thank you and I look forward to it 😉

    Rebecca she sure is wonderful.
    Yeah it was very lucky of Hammond to of survived that. Good to see he is back though.
    And I know it was just the best bits of Louis. But it was the best bits of Louis Theroux. Would of been very funny. I think his show is being repeated from next Sunday. BBC2

  4. Aw poor Boy. Glad to see that you aren’t totally crippled to the point of not being able to blog at all. You are as lucky tohave Pinky as she is to have you!! 🙂

    Get better soon!!

  5. hmmmm the nurses outfit on the Anne Summers website was a tad expensive…. but i got something else instead 😉

  6. Yeah not completely crippled soup, but I think my humour has taken a severe beating.
    Thank you.

    Pinkosa damn. What was it? You cant be keeping two secrets from me a third present. Thats just unfair.

  7. Boy – lookyou,you’re getting presents so no complaining!! If you were Beardy I’d be taking the presents back and smacking you on your inquisitive nose!

  8. Well she told me what the new present was :p yesssssssss
    If she sends a photo Ill tell you what I think aswell. Otherwise youll have to wair. 🙂

  9. *ahem*

    obviously, i will look much better than this in it

    or something

  10. oh damn no pictures in comments!


  11. I hate how wordpress doesnt allow pictures boooooo

    But Hello Sailor 😉 I know you will look much much better in that underwear then that lady. Yesssssss

  12. that’s the only annoying thing that i’ve found about WP so far!

    i’m glad you like, and thank you 😉
    and i’ve not had your reply to my email….

  13. ooooh!! Purty and sexy! Perfect!

  14. Pinkosa, it is rather annoying.
    It does look nice and you havent sent me any email. Accept for one with teh link in and if I replied to that it would be the same reply as on here. damn work email

    soup, your such a charmer. Thanks for the compliments Mwah

  15. that link is something else entirely!

  16. I couldnt see the link. I warned you that work wouldnt allow me on that site. I can only see the link above as it can be viewed through that little site preview thing wp has going on.

  17. damn it. it’s dead good as well

    a sex swing

    with leopard print fur! lol

  18. Poor you. Sounds horrid. As you say, lucky you have marvellous girlfriend.

    For the future, if you are sick DO NOT brush your teeth – you just grind the acid into your teeth. Mouthwash is the way forward.

  19. Oh. I see. What if I brushed and used mouth wash do they cancel each other out?

  20. I’ve never heard of not brushing your teeth after being sick – although it makes sense when I think about it.

    Boy – Hope you feel better after they take the tooth out! Will you get a crown?

  21. It would be so cool if I got a crown. I could pretend I was a king. Sweet.

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