Nearing the end

Wednesday 31 January at 1312 | Posted in Life | 8 Comments

So work have found my replacement. Infact they have hired him and we are now training him.

So with someone looking over my shoulder blogging is going to be close to gone while at work. I might be able to check out your blogs and perhaps comment.

 But things are going to be a bit slow here for a while.



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  1. Same here – seems we are all busy today! Glad I got nmy blogging posts done on the train this morning!!

    Is it weird having the “new you” around? I think I would feel a little sad.

    But if I were you I would be excited about moving to Pinky as well though!! Don’t get me wrong!

  2. moving moving moving

    keep those puppies moving

    raw hiiiiiiiiiide

    that’s a bit rude isn’t it!?

  3. If my blogs were as short as texts maybe I could do them on teh bus ride in Soupy.
    I have one blog ready to leave my finger tips. If I get chance
    Its a bit weird knowing that this person is going to replace me. But it’s good as, like you said, I know Ill be leaving soon.

    Nice song Pinkosa

  4. My college blocked every wordpress site and dashboard so I can’t post now either while away from home.

    Sucks huh…


    ps- thanks for the fruits 🙂

  5. Thats just stupid! How dare they?

    Tis ok. Your welcome back anytime.

    PS did you send me a letter in AC?

  6. They do, kids yogurts are yummy and non-bitty!!

    Plus they give you a reason to have a lion or talking fruit on your pot 😛 x

  7. Thats a good idea Caz. But they are so small. I wont get much out of them 😦

  8. Yogurt whips are delicious

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