While you make pretty speaches

Tuesday 27 February at 1933 | Posted in Life, London, Rants | 17 Comments

So I have no complaints about London.

Not one. Not a problem with commuting, finding somewhere nice a cheap to eat, fitting in.

Although I do have some advice, even if you have to wait 10 minutes for the elevator to come to the ground floor of an 18 floor building, its I strongly advise you wait rather then try to walk up to the 6th floor. It can be a bit tiring.

Anyway I have a big interview tomorrow so Im off to shave off my beard. Wish me luck.

(About the beard and about the job ūüėČ haha)


Is this thing on?

Sunday 25 February at 2155 | Posted in Humour, Life, London, Personal | 8 Comments

Well Im in London. Settled. By settled I mean I’ve hung up all my clothes. This was due to the Pinkosa not allowing me to take the same attitude I had with my last place and leaving things on the floor for the first few months.

Anyway, so my only advice I have when moving a few hundred miles with no help – apart from public transport. Wheel as much as you can. In trying not too annoy any Londoners when moving the remainder of my clothes down Sarrrf I seem to of gained some very sore muscles from carrying my bags. My next move Im going to strap my bags on to a skatebaord and I don’t give a damn who trips up on them in the tube.

But other stuff seems to be fine. I’ve forked out ¬£150 on a monthly ticket. This is ¬£118 more then I spent on travel last month. Yikes.
I have a job sorted out starting tomorrow. I don’t know what it is doing, but I do know it is in a City Hall somewhere. Whenever I think of City Hall I always imagine Batman. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him around the water cooler.
I have an interview for a job I really want which will be in Camden. This has amused me as the office is a stones throw away from piercing shops, tattoo parlors and stalls selling cowboy boots. There is no way I can get bored on my hour lunches there.
And finally my celebatory drinks are on. After missing out on three nights in a row of drinking, tomorrow I finally get to hook up with an old friend and really enjoy the London night life. As was wrote in his text “welcome to the Big Smoke. Now lets take this place by storm.”

The missus didnt see the fun side of that text as much as I did.

Anyway, hello all. Its been a long weekend. And tomorrow? I get to do my Bluesoup/Girl on a Train – esque rant and complain about commuting. Its gonna be great.

And good night.

T minus 24 hours

Friday 23 February at 0945 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 10 Comments

Well I have about 24 horus left until I leaves Leeds. I couldn’t be in a better position to be moving down to London right now. I’ve just got paid two weeks pay, plus a cheque for my bed in my bank meaning my account looks healthy. My credit card is at zero. Or will be once the transfer goes through. I have a job set up for Monday meaning I don;t have to stick my hands in my savings at all. And I am through to the last round of interviews at a job that I really really want. I’m in great spirits.

Except I can’t drink. Due to the tablets I am taking. I couldnt drink yesterdya when having a meal with my mum. Or last night when I was having last drinks with the housemates. I can’t drink tonight either when out with work. And I can’t drink when I meet up with loved ones and friends when I move down to the Big Smoke tomorrow.

This means there is going to be another very very pissed man stumbling through Victoria Station on Tuesday night. I can’t wait.!

A good news day

Thursday 22 February at 1115 | Posted in Rants | 17 Comments

So here are some bits of news that have caught my eye


And the story about about equal pay for tennis players. So like many women, female tennis players have requested MORE money for LESS work then there male colleagues. Typical.
Now I know that no women can argue that I am wrong, does this not show that its unfair that female tennis players should be allowed to work less to bring home the bacon?
Obviously, when¬†a woman says ‘equal,’¬†she doesn’t really mean ‘equal.’ What she means is she wants more without giving¬†something. Women want to be treated like men in society, same pay, etc. Thats fine, I have no problem with that, but when women moan that they dont get any of the benefits of being a woman anymore, ie having to pay for a meal or not being offered a seat, thats just disadvantages of being equal.
And the tennis thing brings this to point. Female tennis players for a long time have argued that they don’t get the same pay as the male tennis players and want more. Thats fine, I’m all for that. BUT they also do not want to have to play more games in order to receive equal pay. Therefore it is not equal.

Now I am all for all being equal. But to be equal sometimes it means having to give up things.

Well thats a load off

Wednesday 21 February at 1228 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 24 Comments

It’s getting mighty close to my Big Move. Infact it’s only on Saturday. That’s only three more sleeps in my bed left. Pinkosa, I better get as much Elbow Room as I can in in the next few days as it will all be gone ūüėČ hehe

So I’ve not worried about too much. Apart from my job. Well not my job as such, more like “whereamIgoingtogetmoneytopayforbillsandstuff?”

I’ve sent off my CV to so many vacancies I’ve lost count.

I sent off my CV to an agency – for the second time – about 40 minutes ago and I got a phone call giving me a job starting Monday.

It’s only for four weeks. It’s not as much pay as I would be happy with, but its not less then what I am on at the moment which is ok for temping. I also haven’t a clue about the company, where the office is, the hours or what I will be doing exactly. I’ve just been offered the job as my reference – who coincidentaly is the same agency I am currently employed for – give me the ok.

What this does mean is that I don’t have to worry about my savings or¬†where money is coming from for the next four weeks. Infact I’ll be getting paid and can continue to look for work.
And I don’t have to worry about doing an interview either.

It’s just a quick job starting Monday that keeps me in a regular wage while I settle in.

Now then, how bad really is this commuting business? ūüėČ

Update, the interviews that I have been spending alot of time down in London for over the last few weeks, the job I really really want, have asked me back for the 2nd round of interviews – and hopefully the last.

Things are now looking good.

Pancake troubles

Wednesday 21 February at 1113 | Posted in Life, Rants | 8 Comments

So I was all set to have pancakes yesterday. I had my mix. My pan. And an oven. ‘Easy’ you would think.

The only problem I had was that the pan was crap and was not a ‘non-stick’ pan. The ‘non-stick’ pan being the pan of choice for making pancakes.

This lead to me having to scrap the burnt pancake of the pan about 10 minutes after I had started.

I missed out on pancakes this year ūüė¶

Screw Space Cowboy

Tuesday 20 February at 1412 | Posted in Lifestyle | 3 Comments

I want to be a Space Hijacker.

For those like myself who hate the general public walking around they devised this plan.

I think you should to, go apply.

I’ll let you know if I get in. If you get in put in a good word for me.

Ill show you mine if you show me yours.

Tuesday 20 February at 1054 | Posted in Lifestyle | 11 Comments

My phone has the following wallpaper..
Banksy Fawlty Image
Banksy’s Fawlty image– For those interested it is located in Islington along the canal

 The image was created by a graffiti artists known as Banksy.

I was speaking with a colleague a while back and shown him my wall paper and he said that he had a Banksy wallpaper on his work PC. The image he shown was mixture of alot of things. It was comical, true, shocking. Basically sums up the media and it’s attitude.
What do you think?
Banksy's Media

You can see more of Banksy by click here.

Best to take with food and lots of water.

Monday 19 February at 1244 | Posted in Life | 11 Comments

ThereA long day swallowing are alot of drugs out there. Prescription drugs I mean. Yesterday as I headed back to my current home from Pinkosa’s for the very last time a man sat next to me on the coach. He held out his hand and poured out a very pretty selection of different colour, shapes and sizes of tablets. The kind of selection that would make a small kid, even myself to a degree, wonder how good they tasted and to try and rob some. I had the opportunity when he fell asleep on the coach, I mean there was no chance of him waking up any time soon. With that many different drugs in his system there had to be a few that had drowsiness on its list of Side Effects.
I’d like to add here that I was surprised more to see him able to take all of these with just one swig of water.

The one thing that is always fun about getting new prescription drugs is the Side Effects list. You can even find some good Side Effects in none prescription drugs. I think its chewing gum or throat sweets – perhaps its both –¬†that can cause diarrhoea. At least the you wont be worryhing about that bad breath or tickly throat.

I picked up some new prescription tablets this morning. For those wanting to know, this was just because of the abscess problem I had the other week. I still had a slight swelling.  The very helpfull dentist agreed to see me when I walked in and writ out a prescription which I only found out after walking out the pharmacy was not what I had last time.

These new pills are ones I have never heard of or had before. And in their Side Effects they list no fewer then 29 (twenty nine) different side effects. Nice! These include being sick, rashes, diarrohea, drowsiness, fits, unusual bleeding (huh?) and, one for Bluesoup, dark wee.

Its good to go down the list after taking your first tablet to see which Side Effects you are experiencing. Its a good little game that I have with myself. Kind of like the treatment version of Pokémon.
“Gotta catch ’em all!”
What is even more fun is after reading through the list are what Placebo Side Effects am I experiencing.

Up to now I’m having shortness of breath, unpleasant taste in mouth (this could be my egg mayo sarnie thought) and¬†itchy skin.
It does feel like I have bruised my rib but I don’t know whether this is from the medication or just from sleeping funny?

The worst thing about antibiotics is of course no alcohol. Which is even worse when I have my leaving drinks with work and housemates due in a few days and I’ll be stuck on coke or water all evening. ūüė¶

So what did happen on my Birthday

Wednesday 14 February at 1520 | Posted in Birthday, Life, Personal, Sandwiches | 18 Comments

Well for all those wanting to know the details – and see the photos of the cookies – this is what happened on my birthday.

Well first my present’s I got many. Lots and lots. Thanks Pinkosa. I got loads of DVD’s, really lookign forward to watching¬†the Pink Panther box set.
I got the Magic Numbers CD which Im listening to at the moment.
Some clothes, including a nice green tie. I did also get a red tank top to go with my other tank tops but I dont yet have anything else red to wear it with to work. So thats more of a casual tank top for the time being.

Also, the shoes I told you about a long time ago and the same ones I previewed yesterday, well here is another photo of them.
I keep commenting on them about their pointyness. That they could kick through time. I could hoof 3.36pm to 4.24 in a single step. Thats just how pointy they are. They look much much more pointier in person. But I’d becareful as if I slipped I could kick you in to 10 minutes before you arrived or 10 minutes after you left.

I also got som lovely cookies. Seen here

Technically they are a Valentines Day gift. But I wish I could tell you how tasty they are.
They are just yummy.
Infact on my way back home for the weekend I only wanted to take one cookie home to give to my neice. This upset my mum. Although Pinkosa has saved me by offering to cook more. I wonder if she remembered?

I also enjoyed a few nice meals. But no deserts which got me on the bad side of Pinkosa. But this was down to time.

I also enjoyed quite alot of alcohol. This didnt go down well with my friend on his first night out in a while when I said I felt like going home at 1030. I am very light weight and need to start getting out more.
My excuse was I had started about 3 hours before him, so he shouldnt be so mean.

All in all it was nice quite relaxing birthday that I enjoyed.

Although I have just noticed that the soles on my shoes appear to want to wear off quite quick, I hope resole-ing doesnt cost too much. Other wise these pointy shoes will make a little rip in my pocket. Eeeeeee

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