An entry without bits.

Thursday 01 February at 0855 | Posted in Life, Personal, Rants | 7 Comments

Do you know what I have had enough with?

Yoghurt. Yoghurt with fruit

For those that dont know, here is a photo of a yoghurt.

Ok so its not just any yoghurt, its more specifically yoghurt with fruit in.

Having ate alot of yoghurt over the last week I’ve started to really dislike the fruit bits in yoghurt.

Now I want to make it clear that fruit added to yoghurt there and then, in front of your eyes, I like. It’s a nice cereal to have. Some plain yoghurt, some chopped up fruit. Voila. A healthy tasty breakfast.

The yoghurt that I am talking about is when you get those little pots in the shops. The ones that burst all over you when you open them. Those ones.

The fruit in them is always mushed up. Alot of the times it doesnt taste like fruit. It certainly isnt fresh. Its like lumps of solid of yoghurt, in your yoghurt. Its not nice.

I much prefer to have a nice smooth bit-less yoghurt. I want to be able to make that choice to, if I wanted to, add fruit bits in to the yoghurt. But the selection of fruit-bit-less yoghurts on the shelves is decreasing.

The best way out of this I feel is for the yoghurt companies to follow in the steps of the fresh squeeshed companies and offer both ‘smooth’ and ‘with bits’ version’s of their yoghurts.

This, I feel is, a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good solution.



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  1. Pah, dried fruit is disgusting.
    Can’t you get plain yoghurt and add your own?


  2. hmmm you can get ones that say they don’t have bits i think
    or get fromage frais… they don’t have bits in them

  3. And now we know how you feel about yoghurt! 🙂

    I totally agree though. I hate yogs with bits in.

    My favourite yog of all time is the vanilla one you get with Muller corners. I don’t like the other corner bit – whether it be fruit or something else. I only eat the white yog bit. It is delish!

  4. Ive not tasted enough of dried fruit to have my say Kerri.
    I think you misread this entry though 😀 I was saying that I dislike yoghurt with fruit bits in. That it should be my choice if I want bits in.

    Pinkosa, I could have them. But they are tiny. Little iddy biddy tiny pots they are. Not filling.

    Now you do Soup 🙂 You agree? Cool. I have a muller yoghurt in the house. It was the missus choice, and a treat she got for me. I havent opened it yet. Maybe I might tonight. Maybe I might.

  5. “The ones that burst all over you when you open them up”.

    May I suggest that you face the pot away from you when you open it!

    Also thanks my black cherry yoghurt is now looking a lot less appealing.

  6. I hate yoghurt with bits too! And jam, juice, or anything really!! 😀 Your solution sounds good.

    ps- got the right comment box this time!

  7. Rebecca my sincerest apologies. If you wish to bill me for making you waste your yoghurt send me an email to the boy who likes to office and Ill paypal you the cash. Word!

    Mon Thank you very much. I like it when people agree. Yesssssssss
    WEll done on the right commenting box.

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