A beautiful day off

Friday 02 February at 1202 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 8 Comments

What a gorgeous day it is today. Its clear, sunny and warm. It’s like a Spring day today. I wish I could be enjoying it more, but due to some shoddy dentistry work I had about 4 or 5 years ago it has resulted in me having the tiniest piece of tooth removed today, thus Im not feeling too good.

Also I have a very very heavy suitcase to drag around London today. It has some of my valuables in that I’m moving down South. This should be fun. Infact, Soupy Im looking to try and block you off at a yet undetermined group of escalators. Beware 😉

In some good news down I have had my first call back about a job.

I started sending my CV around earlier this week. I got a call back from an agency that I sent my CV to last night, this morning. They said they had something coming up soon and that they were interested in my C. I explained that the job sounded nice, not what I am use to. That I wasn’t in London yet, but Im set to move down on the 24th of this month. She said that she will speak with teh company and see if they want to arrange an interview.

Whether or not she made up this “I’ll get back to you” speech as she wasnt sure about me as I wasn’t living in London yet I won’t know till she calls back.

The main thing is, is that people are starting to call me. Thats good.



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  1. Prehaps she was trying to suss you out, to make sure that you aren’t a mental.

  2. Perhaps. Maybe I should take the mental sentence off my CV next time 😀

  3. If you try and block me on escalators I may change my mind about moving to London (I think I will leave the rest to Pinky. You might like to pad out as she may well batter you 😛 My, I am rather super 😛 )

  4. Yeah yep. Thats something to consider.
    But your face as you spend minutes trying to get past a slow pacing driver of a large wheeled suitcase. Thats something else.
    It feels like Ive been battered today, so anything else wont really make much damage :p

  5. oooooo

    see you in a few hours!!! eeeee

    (i’ll sort him out Soupy)

  6. Hope you get the job, I’m pretty sure you will 🙂

  7. Tooth business sounds nasty, hope it stops plaguing you soon.

    If not, I know a very nice lesbian dentist…

  8. Kerri thank you kindly. Me too.

    Ems thats a very nice offer. But how do you know shes a lesbian? Did she touch your breast after giving you The Gas?

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