Very quickly

Monday 05 February at 1232 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 5 Comments

I had a great weekend. There was a giant queue, giant eye, very scared Pinkosa and my impression of Uncle Rico.

But I haven’t got time to write about all that at the moment.

I can quickly let you know that on Wednesday morning I get my first taster of commuting to work in London.
No I dont have a job, but an interview and I have promised the missus I’ll take her in to work. Now I just have to find something to do to kill time between 9 and the interview?

Soupy sorry I missed you with my big suitcase. But I have round two coming up tomorrow. I’ll try and block you off at some other escalators.

Keep an eye open as I will be posting some photos of my pre-birthday day out later.
Ill keep the same password as my first password protected entry. For those that have forgot it, never got it or would like it contact me through my “contact” page.



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  1. hurrah! and i wasn’t THAT scared….

  2. You was scared though.

  3. i was a bit yes… as a few of the photos show! lol

  4. Welcome to London commuting life! I don’t miss it in London for that reason (although for many other reasons I do, it’s a great city!) now that I am commuting outside of London to another location outside of London, I realise how bad it is to go into London!!!!!

  5. Well its not full commuting. It was just one days commuting.
    I have another round of “Commuting Practise” this Friday. Should be fun. Yikes.
    But this one is in to London and right through to the otherside. Should be a riot!

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