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Thursday 08 February at 1903 | Posted in Humour | 14 Comments

Courtesy of popbitch.

Best Wedding Dance Ever.
Entire Wedding party dance to Thriller.

Sound is not needed, but you know this tune “dicks on the Sex Pistols.”



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  1. sorry but ‘lol’ pretty much describes that video.

  2. oh have you seen the chick flick 13 going on 30 as this is what they do it it. Very funny.

  3. Kerri it is very funny indeed.

    Fabulous, I have to admit, I have not seen that chick flick. It appears to got past my radar last time I was in HMV looking up chick flick movies 😀 haha

  4. Well as i was writing that i was thinking that maybe you might be partial to a bit of the flick of the chick variety

  5. Unless it stars J-Lo, Spears or Mariah Carey I normally pass on those types of films.

  6. um Jennifer garner float your boat?

  7. I havent a clue who she is? Is she the one in that TV prgramme where she talks to dead people?

  8. That video is so funny, why don’t I go to weddings like that?! About the ‘dicks on..’ thing, I told Boss Lady last night that, “Ricky Gervais dicks on the sex pistols”. She now thinks I am mental, but I can’t stop saying it!

  9. Ive taken it up also as my new saying too. Tag!

    The Wedding is very cool indeed.

    So how was Gervais? I’m looking forward to your blog entry about it.

  10. He was amazing. I will probably put the post up on Monday, because we are all being sent home because the snow is turning to ice, and my computer at home is rubbish. See it as my birthday present to you 🙂

  11. I like how the groom is the only person who seems really into it.

    I can just imagine this discussion:

    “Honeymuffin, it would be really cool if at our wedding reception we did the Thriller dance.”


    “Okay, but sweetums, if you let me do the thriller dance at the wedding, I’ll do anything for you.”


    “Yeah! Anything!”

    Years later, as the groom is still doing all the housework, the bride says, “You know, humiliating myself at my wedding was TOTALLY WORTH IT.”

  12. Rebecca thats a very nice birthday present indeed. I might stick a ribbon on my laptop in anticipation of “opening this gift” 😀

    Either that, or it went like this
    Him “The Thriller dance at our wedding would dick on the Sex Pistols”
    Her “You know its bad. Its bad. Really really bad. You know its bad. Its bad. Really really bad.”

  13. Brilliant. I love it when people humiliate themselves with such enthusiasm. Inspired.

  14. Very cool! Not at my wedding though! 😀 x

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