Urine trouble and preheating punkness

Thursday 08 February at 1255 | Posted in Humour, Life, London, Personal, Rants | 14 Comments

After spending well over 9 hours traveling aroud the east side of the country yesterday. I stood in urine twice. And I had an interview with a lady that showed as much experession on her face as a gold fish with botox.

So instead of writing about my worrying thoughts about my impending doom of moving down to London and trying to get a job, I’ll be writing about something else.

OvenAbout preheating.

I don’t preheat. I don’t get why we are told to preheat on packages? Does preheating actually do anything to the food? Does it make it taste nicer?
I doubt it.

My lunch and dinner always taste great. And I’ve never preheated. My food has not killed me. Yet.
So why are we advised to preheat ovens when cooking? What does preheating actually do? Can anyone explain?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Best answer gets a prize.

Until someone actually gives me a good enough reason to be preheating, I think Im going to leave the preheating to those that follow The System.

PS did anyone see Buzzcocks last night? Best episode in a long time.
Simon Amstel to Donny “Him Off Celeb Big Brother” Tourettes about heckling Bill Bailey:
 “Let me explain something, [Bill Bailey] is a professional comdiean. You’ll never win.”



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  1. I always preheat because it’s what my mother always told me to do. I never gave it much thought before but I will consider it carefully next time.

    How big a twat was Donny Tourette?! Bill Bailey has many things Donny will never have, one of them being a career.

  2. impending doom?! well thanks a bunch

    you pre-heat to the right temperature and then cook it for as long as it says on the pack. if you are cooking while it’s still getting to that temperature, then you’re not cooking it for the full time


  3. Rebecca, what do you think the benefits of preheating are? Your food might be cooked 30 seconds sooner perhaps?
    Yeah Tourettes was an idiot. Especially his little begger/Spiderman web zapping thing.
    I loved his Elton-esque rant on his rockumentary though. “I could dick all over the Sex Pistols.” Im sure he got alot of respect from Punks for that.

    Not you Pinkosa. You know I meant about the jobs. Your the best thing about moving down to London. The only reason I am moving down.
    So what your saying is that my food will take a few seconds longer to cook?
    Unless Im cooking for someone who is obsessed with time keeping I think Ill let a few seconds slide.

  4. As pinky said but beat me to it! Dargh 🙂

  5. Really? Those few seconds matter to you?
    I normally end up burning my food so it doesnt matter about those few seconds.

  6. What does “I could dick all over the Sex Pistols” actually mean? It made no sense to me………but I am a bit slow on the uptake.

  7. Maybe its something to do with guns being a phallic symbol? I can’t believe i missed it last night 😦

    I think preheating is to just make sure the oven is hot so that it cooks things as soon as they go in? I’ve no idea to be honest 😛


  8. Yesss I agree!! It’s like on these Quorn things I’ve been eating, it tells you to put them in the oven for 15 mins, but it’s cooked after 1 min in the microwave, so why wait?! The faster the better 😀

  9. Rebecca I havent a clue what the exact meaning of the phrase means. But I think it is to do with Donny thinking his band is better then the Sex Pistols.
    I havent got a clue as I dont listen to either bands music.

    Kerri, it really was the funniest episode. It is repeated on Friday night at 11.10. DO. NOT. MISS. IT. PERIOD.

    Mon, Im completely against microwaves. If I didnt have a microwave in my home Id not notice.
    Food tastes much much better from the oven.
    Also it is less mutated.
    I fear that one day someone might microwave a meal and it the meal will grow limbs and run off, join some council somewhere and impose new laws so that people should walk round backwards.
    That should never be allowed to happen.

  10. An oven takes about 15 minutes to preheat and whilst cooking some food before the oven is hot won’t make much difference, if you are baking for example a cake which needs to rise, it will not be tasty or attractive!

  11. But saying that shoes, could you not compensate and just add on a few minutes to your time?
    Im sure if you checked your cake after the 30 minutes or so and seen it was still a little flat then you could just leave it in a little longer.
    I guess what Im saying is that “preheating an oven” is not as big of a guideline as say, “switch on oven” or “remove food once cooked.”
    I think preheating should be labelled on packagin under ‘optional advice’ rather then an actual ‘guideline’.

  12. I say for like processed foods (pizzas and stuff) then it doesn’t matter, but for baking it matters.

    For meringues and pavlovas and sponges – delicate things – the oven temperature matters very much to the chemistry of the ingredients and how they interact.

  13. Hello Boy. It’s been a while. I’ve taken a much needed hiatus from the hectic blogging and whatnot. But I am back now. Hope all has gone well. Like the new header. It’s fabulous.

  14. Thank you kindly madame.

    Ive been wondering were you where? Good to hear you are back though.

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