A taster and an interview

Tuesday 13 February at 1129 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 9 Comments

The inteview that I was in London for last week, the one I didn’t know how I had done, well I got asked to go back for a second interview. I’m a little nervous about this one as it takes place at the office’s. And I didn’t know at all how big the company was until I looked at their website. I’d never heard of it or seen there name. I didnt even know it exsist. But just because I don’t know about them doesn’t mean they don’t exsist.
You know all, everyone of, those little adverts that they have up and down escalators in tube stations? And the big adverts and tube platforms? And the bigger adverts that they have covering buses in London? Well I have an interview to work at their offices. Yikes!

But I do have a new pair of funky shoes which I got from Pinkosa for my birthday.

And I have an appointment to get my hair done tonight.

So all I have to do is make the inbetween bit look respectable and thats part of job done for getting an interview.

And for all those photo hungry readers out there, here is a taster of how pointy my shoes are.

Pointy shoes
And yes my tie really is about 3 foot wide and goes down to my ankles.

I have another photo that shoes the pointyness alot better.

Now that I’m finished with your blogs, Im off to book my last ever tickets to London and read up on this poster frenzied company.



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  1. Love the shoes! I own quite a few pairs of pointy shoes they look great, but they do make me trip up a lot.

  2. what about the cookies?

  3. Thank you very much Rebecca. Special thanks has to go to Pinkosa for picking them out.
    Ive not yet tripped on them, but I am waiting for the time when I cant walk up staris properly because of there length and have to walk sideways. Like a crab.

    How does everyone know about the cookies? Oh wait you where there when I took the photo.
    Ill get round to that when I right up my proper birthday entry.

  4. yeah what about the cookies?.

    Very pointy shoes you look like Duckie from ‘Pretty in Pink’

  5. Is that another chick flick?

  6. Indeed it is. Go rent pretty in pink. it’s an 80s bonanza.

    Good luck in your interview – research, boringly, is often the secret, so you’re all set already.

    and they can’t turn you down with those shoes on, surely? they’d be mad.

  7. Well, if its 80’s, how can I say no?
    Fabulous you should of said.
    Thank you kindly LG, perhaps I could just stick my shoes on the desk, leave the room for a while, come back in and ask
    “Did I get it?”

  8. AHHH The attack of the Giangantic Tie !

    Nice shoes… I have noticed this growing trend in guys wearing increasingly pointed shoes, my 18 year old modern apprentice will only wear pointy shoes, although with skinny jeans… which, in my opinion, unless your a rockstar should NOT be done !

  9. Julie, it sure is a very big tie indeed! 😉

    So I have to become a rockstart before I can get in to the jeans? Ok! Ill look in to that. Didnt want to go making a mistake. 😀

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