Blumin eck guys

Tuesday 13 February at 0832 | Posted in Lifestyle | 10 Comments

After returning from my birthday weekend, I might tel you about it all. About light weights, early nights, second interviews and pointy shoes.

But first I have to get through 53, thats FIFTY THREE new blog entries since Friday night.

Did no one go out?

Not even to the shop for some milk?

And incase your wondering, Bluesoup gets the crown, well tiara, for most entries. With just under 20% more entries then second place. Congratulations 😀

Now if you don’t mind being quite, I have alot of catching up it seems.



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  1. aren’t you popular! 😉

  2. Well Im not popular, no.

    But people on my blogroll do have alot to talk about.

  3. Yeah but my posts were all actually really short!!!

  4. Bluesoup obviously didnt go out!. Glad you had a nice burpday. Lets see some picci’s.

  5. Nope nope nope. I didn’t go out. I have no money sob

  6. Not much going out – sorry – I blame it on the boy and the back. and the budget.

  7. soup, Im real glad they were short ones 😉

    I didnt take any photos during my birthday. It wasnt that sort of celebration. Damn friends and having to arrange my time to see them all individually.

    Ahh, LG the three B’s.

  8. no pictures of any um cookies?… nope?.. nothing? none?

  9. How did you know that I had photos of cookies? Thats just scary!

  10. do do dooodo

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