Happy valentines Day

Wednesday 14 February at 0854 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, Personal | 8 Comments

To all my readers

To all the girls and boys. The regular readers and the ones who only stopped by the once. To those who have commented and those yet to comment..

Valentines Message

Because you are all very special 😉 

Some light reading for you all.

Nonverbal Courtship Patterns in Women. How women flirt fom somone who creepily watched them from a bar over a few months for “study.”

For those without a card, best excuse for the day, convert to Hinduism.

Or for those wanting a quick idea, 70 romantic ways to have fun.
Or a better idea, spend time finding out which of the these are teh funniest ideas. I’ll start. Number 1. Clear out the garage?

Or my favourite. Find Valentines Day equivalent in other cultures and plan a visit there.
I recommend Korea’s “Black Day.” Walk around, see who is scoffing noodles and offer them gifts for not receiving a present that Valentines Day.

Anyway, what ever you are doing and who ever you are with, I hope you have a really good time today.

And for those who have not yet found that someone special, this is for you

Valentines Message from The Hoff

Happy Valentines Day!



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  1. baby – you’re a little odd 😉

  2. oh – from your 70 things to do:
    When you’ve only got an hour to spare
    56. Have a fight* – with balloons or pillows rather than words. Or if you’re worried to be more loving, why not indulge in some sensual touching…


  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Boy, thanks for your last comment. Wishing you and Pinky a long and happy and lovely relationship xx

  4. Pinkosa, just imagine having a fight with inflatable words. People could pick up there favourite word from a selection of a few. Maybe stick in “childish” and “Warm” and then have a phyiscally fight with over inflated words. that would be great.

    Soup you are always welcome.

  5. ‘sensual touching’

    hello 😉

  6. I am loving the Hoff!

  7. Everyone loves The Hoff

  8. The Hoff really is quite wonderful. So far, he’s made my day!

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