So what did happen on my Birthday

Wednesday 14 February at 1520 | Posted in Birthday, Life, Personal, Sandwiches | 18 Comments

Well for all those wanting to know the details – and see the photos of the cookies – this is what happened on my birthday.

Well first my present’s I got many. Lots and lots. Thanks Pinkosa. I got loads of DVD’s, really lookign forward to watching the Pink Panther box set.
I got the Magic Numbers CD which Im listening to at the moment.
Some clothes, including a nice green tie. I did also get a red tank top to go with my other tank tops but I dont yet have anything else red to wear it with to work. So thats more of a casual tank top for the time being.

Also, the shoes I told you about a long time ago and the same ones I previewed yesterday, well here is another photo of them.
I keep commenting on them about their pointyness. That they could kick through time. I could hoof 3.36pm to 4.24 in a single step. Thats just how pointy they are. They look much much more pointier in person. But I’d becareful as if I slipped I could kick you in to 10 minutes before you arrived or 10 minutes after you left.

I also got som lovely cookies. Seen here

Technically they are a Valentines Day gift. But I wish I could tell you how tasty they are.
They are just yummy.
Infact on my way back home for the weekend I only wanted to take one cookie home to give to my neice. This upset my mum. Although Pinkosa has saved me by offering to cook more. I wonder if she remembered?

I also enjoyed a few nice meals. But no deserts which got me on the bad side of Pinkosa. But this was down to time.

I also enjoyed quite alot of alcohol. This didnt go down well with my friend on his first night out in a while when I said I felt like going home at 1030. I am very light weight and need to start getting out more.
My excuse was I had started about 3 hours before him, so he shouldnt be so mean.

All in all it was nice quite relaxing birthday that I enjoyed.

Although I have just noticed that the soles on my shoes appear to want to wear off quite quick, I hope resole-ing doesnt cost too much. Other wise these pointy shoes will make a little rip in my pocket. Eeeeeee



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  1. i did remember about making more cookies… i might make them tonight

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Those shoes are fecking awesome! I reckon you could easily rival Vince Noir with those beauties

  3. I was thinking about your red tank top.

    Why would you want anything red to wear it with? Surely that is red overkill? 🙂

    Oh god, I need a cookie so badly. But today I have a Twinkies. I think that is what it is called. I’m dying to eat it, but am saving it for lunch.

  4. Pinkosa, did you make any?

    Maybe with the shoes, but Im miles away with the hair. Maybe I should reply to those emails I get saying “increase your length.” 😉

    Soup, well my tank tops are always a different shade of what ever the colour of my shirt and tie. But seeing as I dont think red looks best on me I dont have red shirt/tie combo. I would need to at least have a red tie before I wear the red tank top for work. Otherwise Ill just have lots of random colours on top of each other and it would look weird.
    Well if Pinkosa has made some cookies Ill make sure she posts some to you.
    They are delicious.

  5. i told you you could do the Vince thing.. oh infact i think you should. mmmmmm

    and erm, cookies, yeah i erm

    *wanders off*

  6. Im not turning in to Vince so that you can act out your strange fantasies 😉

    You can make some cookies for everyone while I try and wrap your dads present. Should be fun wrapping each individual finger on the glove yesssssssss

  7. How spolit are you! The cookies look very yummy.

    Wear your tank top with anything clashing colours are very in. New Rave and all that.

  8. I dont think Im new and rave enough to be wearing clashing colours

  9. You could wear a black shirt…? I nearly wrote shit then by mistake… 😛

  10. Glad you had a nice birthday, the cookies looks gorgeous! 😀

  11. Apart from work pants I try to avoid black as much as I can. I dont think its a good colour to wear.
    Im sure a yellow shirt, red tie/tank top combo could look good. I just need to get a tie and shirt now./

  12. Mon the cookies where fab.

  13. nonono white shirt not yellow and not red….white, you’ll look like a clown

  14. Ditto what Pinky said.. .

  15. I am the man who wears stripes and pointy shoes. If I say yellow, then its yellow.
    Ill only consider your views depending on the length and pointyness of your shoes. 🙂

  16. one word: bunions

  17. (sorry, that was me, urban chick, in my experimental wordpress era)


  18. Bunions was your one word? If I had to comment with just one word I think Id of said “fuse” 😀 haha
    And how much do you love lettuce?

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