Best to take with food and lots of water.

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ThereA long day swallowing are alot of drugs out there. Prescription drugs I mean. Yesterday as I headed back to my current home from Pinkosa’s for the very last time a man sat next to me on the coach. He held out his hand and poured out a very pretty selection of different colour, shapes and sizes of tablets. The kind of selection that would make a small kid, even myself to a degree, wonder how good they tasted and to try and rob some. I had the opportunity when he fell asleep on the coach, I mean there was no chance of him waking up any time soon. With that many different drugs in his system there had to be a few that had drowsiness on its list of Side Effects.
I’d like to add here that I was surprised more to see him able to take all of these with just one swig of water.

The one thing that is always fun about getting new prescription drugs is the Side Effects list. You can even find some good Side Effects in none prescription drugs. I think its chewing gum or throat sweets – perhaps its both – that can cause diarrhoea. At least the you wont be worryhing about that bad breath or tickly throat.

I picked up some new prescription tablets this morning. For those wanting to know, this was just because of the abscess problem I had the other week. I still had a slight swelling.  The very helpfull dentist agreed to see me when I walked in and writ out a prescription which I only found out after walking out the pharmacy was not what I had last time.

These new pills are ones I have never heard of or had before. And in their Side Effects they list no fewer then 29 (twenty nine) different side effects. Nice! These include being sick, rashes, diarrohea, drowsiness, fits, unusual bleeding (huh?) and, one for Bluesoup, dark wee.

Its good to go down the list after taking your first tablet to see which Side Effects you are experiencing. Its a good little game that I have with myself. Kind of like the treatment version of Pokémon.
“Gotta catch ’em all!”
What is even more fun is after reading through the list are what Placebo Side Effects am I experiencing.

Up to now I’m having shortness of breath, unpleasant taste in mouth (this could be my egg mayo sarnie thought) and itchy skin.
It does feel like I have bruised my rib but I don’t know whether this is from the medication or just from sleeping funny?

The worst thing about antibiotics is of course no alcohol. Which is even worse when I have my leaving drinks with work and housemates due in a few days and I’ll be stuck on coke or water all evening. 😦



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  1. Ah well I wouldn’t worry about the no alcohol thing. A doctor friend of mine told me that this urban myth started when doctors mainly prescribed antibiotics for syphillis and other nasty things – so they didn’t want the patient getting drunk and sharing when in said state. So they said you couldn’t drink.

    Clearly if you are run down, then excess booze is not a fab idea, but from my understanding, booze does not render antibiotics ineffective. Google it! and enjoy those parties

  2. Why can’t we have side effects like the ones in films. If you turned into a Werewolf, alcohol would be the last thing on your mind.

  3. just be careful if you drink…. you will go a bit insane and probably be sick.. i’ve tried it, it’s not fun

  4. LG your saying its a myth? Im liking your doc friend.
    I think Id really like to have werewolf side effects. I was talking to a colleague about side effects and he said he had once saw “total loss of respiratory function.” ie ‘death.’ Nice. 🙂
    Pinkosa advice taken in to account. Promise.

  5. Man, that sucks, but you could always get stoned instead…?

  6. If I were hip to the beat then that is true. But I aint down with the kids when it comes to getting stoned.
    But you have a point, it didnt say anything about doing drugs. Unless you take in to account the “please advise the doctor of any other medication you are taking.”

  7. drink loads of coke and eat lots of e-numbers… you’ll be all buzzing then… plus you won’t be sick on the coach on Sat morning!

  8. Hope you get better soon! Have tried non-alcoholic spritzer from Asda? The white one kinda tastes like wine and the rosé one is yummy, better than water if you’re with mates 🙂 x

  9. *have you

  10. I dont think my friends would be impressed if I made them go the Asda for my drink when it was their round 😀

  11. Hahaha oops I’m such an airhead, hmm cranberry juice then, it’s almost as hard to drink as really strong wine!

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