Ill show you mine if you show me yours.

Tuesday 20 February at 1054 | Posted in Lifestyle | 11 Comments

My phone has the following wallpaper..
Banksy Fawlty Image
Banksy’s Fawlty image– For those interested it is located in Islington along the canal

 The image was created by a graffiti artists known as Banksy.

I was speaking with a colleague a while back and shown him my wall paper and he said that he had a Banksy wallpaper on his work PC. The image he shown was mixture of alot of things. It was comical, true, shocking. Basically sums up the media and it’s attitude.
What do you think?
Banksy's Media

You can see more of Banksy by click here.



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  1. Did you read about SWT staff at Waterloo painting over Banksy’s monkey?! What jerks.

  2. The story is here

  3. Banksy is great
    I laughed so much when he replaced hundreds of copies of the ‘Paris Hilton’ cd.

    That picture is so true as well. I can’t believe those journalists out there who just stand there filming when people are in need of help.

  4. i don’t think i can show my wallpaper.. you might get embarrassed…

  5. Ms Right they should’ve taken a leaf out of BT and Bristol CC’s book and accept Banksys work as more then just graffiti.
    Kerri yeah I read about that. Would of been great to own a copy of that CD. Lucky HMV/Virgin employees probably took em home themselves.
    Pinkosa, thats ok then, keep that one to yourself 😉

  6. Also my favourite piece of news was after loads of his art sold at auctions for well over their expected price Banksy has left a note the front page of his website. Follow this

  7. They are very interesting. They have a hidden beauty that makes me want to weep.

    Kind regard.


  8. I love Banksy’s work. The images on the Israeli West Bank barrier are just breathtaking. Any Council should be proud to have his work in they’re area.

  9. Hektor I have to say they are good, but not that good.

    He is very cheeky with his work innit Rebecca

  10. There are some amazing pieces of Banksy work around Glasgow. It’s what modern art should be – unpretentious, engaging, though provoking.

  11. Some of the work is quite engaging. But ones involving monkey or rats are just plain amusing.

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