Screw Space Cowboy

Tuesday 20 February at 1412 | Posted in Lifestyle | 3 Comments

I want to be a Space Hijacker.

For those like myself who hate the general public walking around they devised this plan.

I think you should to, go apply.

I’ll let you know if I get in. If you get in put in a good word for me.



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  1. heheh they sound great!!

  2. I’d love this on Oxford St. Or maybe they could have 3 lanes – one for dawdling window shoppers who want to admire the scenery/snog/call their mum, one for people going west, one for people going east.

  3. Pinkosa they do sound great. Im just hoping that if I join in some of their projects that they dont see through me and notice that I couldnt really be bothered to try and pull down huge corporations
    LG It sure is something that maybe the Mayor should consider. I know there would be alot of happy people.
    (On a side note, although I havent started commuting yet I have devised ideas for wheelie suitcase people and escalators. Basically this involves a area at teh foot of a escalator that cannot be stopped on otherwise various Indiana Jones death traps start shooting out of walls. Nice!)

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