Pancake troubles

Wednesday 21 February at 1113 | Posted in Life, Rants | 8 Comments

So I was all set to have pancakes yesterday. I had my mix. My pan. And an oven. ‘Easy’ you would think.

The only problem I had was that the pan was crap and was not a ‘non-stick’ pan. The ‘non-stick’ pan being the pan of choice for making pancakes.

This lead to me having to scrap the burnt pancake of the pan about 10 minutes after I had started.

I missed out on pancakes this year 😦



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  1. I was very lazy and bought them ready made from a bakery. You just warm then up and they are very yummy.

  2. awww. i will make you some at the weekend xxx

  3. Rebecca you cheat? Did you try and flip them at least in a clean pan?

    Thats very nice of you Pinkosa 😉 Yessssssss

  4. Er….no I warmed them in the microwave.

  5. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt do some flipping in a pan though. Thats the best part about pancakes

  6. I’m not all that big into flipping. I would feel to much like an over eager Blue Peter presenter.

  7. Not. In to. Flipping. Tsk!

  8. tossing the pancake is the BEST BIT

    well apart from eating it


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