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Thursday 22 February at 1115 | Posted in Rants | 17 Comments

So here are some bits of news that have caught my eye

This… This

And the story about about equal pay for tennis players. So like many women, female tennis players have requested MORE money for LESS work then there male colleagues. Typical.
Now I know that no women can argue that I am wrong, does this not show that its unfair that female tennis players should be allowed to work less to bring home the bacon?
Obviously, when a woman says ‘equal,’ she doesn’t really mean ‘equal.’ What she means is she wants more without giving something. Women want to be treated like men in society, same pay, etc. Thats fine, I have no problem with that, but when women moan that they dont get any of the benefits of being a woman anymore, ie having to pay for a meal or not being offered a seat, thats just disadvantages of being equal.
And the tennis thing brings this to point. Female tennis players for a long time have argued that they don’t get the same pay as the male tennis players and want more. Thats fine, I’m all for that. BUT they also do not want to have to play more games in order to receive equal pay. Therefore it is not equal.

Now I am all for all being equal. But to be equal sometimes it means having to give up things.



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  1. do they not mean equal in relation to them? as in the same pay for the number of hours they do…? i’m not sure they mean that they want the same money for less hours…

    and as for paying for meals, opening the doors…that’s gentlemanly manners that have just gone down the drain, not wanting to be equal

    plus, women have to work much harder in their jobs to recieve the same opportunities and the same treatment as men as well as trying to balance that with a home life.

    why should a woman have to give up something in order to be treated the same as a man?

  2. “So like many women, female tennis players have requested MORE money for LESS work then there male colleagues.”

    i also think this is a ridiculous sentance. like many women? what women exactly? the women who was to be CEO’s and Directors but can’t get past the views of stubborn old white men who think that a woman can’t do an equally good job as a man? pah.

  3. It means they pick up the same checque as the male pro tennis players.

    If its manners that open dooors and pick up the cheque then what happened to womanlymanners?

    YOur third sentence you are wrong, ie my case in point, tennis players. They do less and get more.

    Because men dont get all the women get. You never see women holding a door open for men, it was always the other way round.

    Its not ridiculous. In fact I think it is so true I may even label it “A Fact”

  4. you’re confusing manners and PAY here.

    men don’t get paid for opening doors for ladies either, it is in fact just manners. I hold a door open for a man if i go through it first.

    so women should be paid less becasue men hold doors open for them…..right

    my third sentence is not wrong. it is fact actually. in most cases and in most professions, women have to work harder to get the same status as men.

    and it is rediculous. you can’t just group every woman together and say that we are all the same

    it’s like me saying that you are a male cheuvanist pig…which in fact you are showing symptoms of now.

  5. hum well a man opening a door is nice. It goes back to the olden days of being a gentalmen. You do see women opening doors because it is very rare that there are any gentalmen around these days.

    Were not all the same. The only thing the same about woman are is that we all have periods!!!
    Men are totally the same though… lol

  6. Women’s tennis matches are usually more entertaining than men’s, because the opponents are pretty evenly matched. Does that mean they should be paid the same? No. That’s simply because they don’t play the same number hours. Would you expect a part time worker to be paid the same as a full time worker?

    In regard to equality, I give up my seat to anyone I think needs it more than me. I also hold doors open for anyone regardless of sex. It’s just good manners.

  7. I am on a coffee break so no time to really respond but as soon as I saw this pop up on my googlereader I thought “hello, Boy’s opened a right can of worms here” (and almost hissed) 😛 I will be back…

  8. Fab and Pinkosa, I honeslty think the reason you hardly see women open doors is because they arent too sure how to do it.
    My arguemtn is, if women what to be equal in the workplace then they should be equal in society, ie women should start learngin to open the door or offer to pick up a cheque. Theyre only little things. So it cant be that hard really.

    Pinkiosa, I still say your wrong about the pay. Female tennis players DO LESS get paid the same. How is that equal?

    I can group all women together in one group. Women do it all the time (Fab did it in her comment) Women often say “All men are pigs” Thats grouping all men together,. I bet youve sometime in your life said “all men are….” So why cant I say it? Would that not be fair?

    Rebecca with regards to teh mens pay. Pay should not be based on entertainment, otherwise I would come in to work in a clown suit. Fact!
    Pay should be based on how much work you do. And I agree women should earn the same as men. Not mroe not less. But women are earning more then males tennis players as they play less games.

    Ms Right? WHat happened to your comment? YOu could be the only female reader I have that I havent had the chance to annoy yet. And its hard to annoy you if I cant twist your comment. You must commment. Please. For me. Ill make my reply comical. Promise.

  9. oh you’re just being an arse now. women do pick up the bill now and i’m pretty sure they open their own doors as well. and the workplace has nothing to do with this anyway.

    well the pay should be equal in terms of how much they do. the same rate per hour kind of thing

    ok so all men are arses who can’t listen to anyone elses opinion and can’t accept when they are wrong

  10. Your right it doesnt have to do with teh workplace. So why is such a complaint these days that men no longer are gentlmany? Women have tried very hard to equal with voting and with pay, so why are there so many that are stubborn when it comes to manners. Women have gone so far to become equal why do they find it so hard that men would like it if women were equal with manners?

    My point exactly about pay. But the tennis isnt like that. Its man play 5 sets, women play 3. Both get the same cheque. Thats not fair is it?

    And to your final point Pinkosam, not only are you being sexiest but, all women are stubborn and cannot accept they are wrong. Ive never once said that I think men should be better then women. Ive always said that all should be equally. Everyone here who has argued has argued for women. Thats not equal at all.
    And that makes me right
    *Sits back, sticks feet on desk and lights a big fat male chauvinist cigar* Job well done.

  11. it certainly isn’t a job well done….being a male chauvanist isn’t something to be proud of

    so if manners have nothing to do with the workplace, then women wanting men to be poilte and open doors shouldn’t effect the amount of money they get…..beause expecting good manners isn’t the same as expecting to be paid the same for doing the same job.

  12. Then why is it that you are making a sexiest thing about this?
    Why is it that MEN have to do stuff for WOMEN. Cant they do it themselves? Do they have a problem with being equal outside of the workplace.
    It sounds to me like your attitude is “yes we’ll take your voting. And we’ll take equal pay. Wait! What! Have to open our own doors? Thats a mans job?”

  13. it is you who is making a sexist thing out of it…

    Men don’t HAVE to do stff for women, and the don’t the majority of the time anyway and women just get on and do it themselves.

    we’ll take voting and we’ll take equal pay becasue we have every right too, we are all equal after all and we open our own doors and pay our bills…. so there’s really no need for men, i think we could do without you

  14. But doesnt all of what you have just said contradict what you said about “genlemany manners”?

  15. no… gentlemanly manners is just something that would be nice… but we don’t expect it and we hardly ever get it!

  16. When was the last time you heard of womanly manners? A woman with manners is an urban legend.

  17. I’m not sure if I should be involved it this but I thought I’d make my point regardless.

    If women are built less physically strong than men, isn’t that why women’s tennis matches last less time than the men’s games? Granted it takes less time to play a game for women but isn’t that because they can only perform such vigorous activity for half the time men can. They are still doing the same job but it takes shorter time for women to get tired out. I think that is why women are kicking up a fuss, they do the same amount of work and still get tired the same amount that male tennis players do but because it takes less time, people think it takes less work when it clearly dosnt.

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