T minus 24 hours

Friday 23 February at 0945 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 10 Comments

Well I have about 24 horus left until I leaves Leeds. I couldn’t be in a better position to be moving down to London right now. I’ve just got paid two weeks pay, plus a cheque for my bed in my bank meaning my account looks healthy. My credit card is at zero. Or will be once the transfer goes through. I have a job set up for Monday meaning I don;t have to stick my hands in my savings at all. And I am through to the last round of interviews at a job that I really really want. I’m in great spirits.

Except I can’t drink. Due to the tablets I am taking. I couldnt drink yesterdya when having a meal with my mum. Or last night when I was having last drinks with the housemates. I can’t drink tonight either when out with work. And I can’t drink when I meet up with loved ones and friends when I move down to the Big Smoke tomorrow.

This means there is going to be another very very pissed man stumbling through Victoria Station on Tuesday night. I can’t wait.!



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  1. Hooray – we will all have to meet up for muchos drinkos x

  2. you’re going to get drunk at work!?! eeek

  3. Sure thing Ms Right

    Without a doubt Pinkosa.

  4. I find getting drunk in work leaves no one in any doubt about what they’ve let themselves in for.

  5. Good luck with the move! 🙂

  6. Welcome to London!

  7. Best of luck to both of you, think you’re gonna stoopidly, dreamily happy x

  8. London gives you black bogeys…
    However, Picadilly Circus dicks on Leeds.

  9. Kerri!!! it so does!! haha

    the bogey thing i mean

  10. Thnk you all for your well wishing. Next stop. Work. Still no idea what Im suppose to be doing tomorrow morning. Although I do have an address. City Hall. Or something similar. Eeep.

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