While you make pretty speaches

Tuesday 27 February at 1933 | Posted in Life, London, Rants | 17 Comments

So I have no complaints about London.

Not one. Not a problem with commuting, finding somewhere nice a cheap to eat, fitting in.

Although I do have some advice, even if you have to wait 10 minutes for the elevator to come to the ground floor of an 18 floor building, its I strongly advise you wait rather then try to walk up to the 6th floor. It can be a bit tiring.

Anyway I have a big interview tomorrow so Im off to shave off my beard. Wish me luck.

(About the beard and about the job 😉 haha)



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  1. you’re dead silly…. but i just told you that!

  2. Just because you have the easiest commute to work EVER (I know, Pinky told me!!) – that is cheating. You don’t even step foot on the Tube. AND you don’t ave to get your train til like 8 or something totally unfair.


    I asked Pinky where you are working. If it is wher eI think I walk past your building, oh, a couple of times a week to get to sainsbury! Weirdly tiny world. I am just 30 seconds away from your during your working hours. That doesn’t mean you can look out of the window and try and spot me and throw things at me if i pass though..

  3. Now youve just confused me Pinkosa.

    Ms Right. It sure is down the road from you. And I think Im sure that you are thinking about the right building. Hmmmm :\
    Well if you are only 30 seconds away you can take me out for lunch. I know your a bit skint at the moment so thats why you can come eat in the canteen in the offices where I am as it is cheap.v 😉

  4. Good luck!

  5. that is SO not fair if you two ‘do lunch’ 😦

    and The Boy said last night ‘seen as me and SOTR work right near eachother, you can come to us on Friday for drinks’
    which is even more not fair

  6. Best of luck to you.

  7. Anne, Rebecca, thank you.

    Pinkosa no complaining. You havent moaned that you have to come all this way this evening for a meal have you 😉 haha

  8. right-o point taken! 😀

  9. Good luck with the interview!

  10. Hope the meeting went well!
    I bet your current employers won’t be too happy if you leave after just a week 😛


  11. Urm, I’m aware your interview is now over, so I thought I’d send some good karma your way instead:

    *clears throat*
    “Schma, schma, schma…..”

    That oughta do it.

  12. Ems you could send some bad Karma to the other applicants. That might make me look better.

    I think the interview went really good. Much better then just ok. Now I just have to wait until Friday at the earliest for the answer.

    Kerri, my current employers only asked me to come in for 4 weeks. Its a very temp thing this job.

  13. Hope the interview has gone well. Incase you haven’t been updated we are going to Waterloo for a drink ( or two or three) tomorrow so you guys can go home from Waterloo East and I can get home from WAterloo Main.

    Good good. I nearly wrote goose.

  14. Gooses are yummy to eat.

    Anyway, hope it all went well!

  15. Noooo don’t eat a Goose they are too cute!

  16. The interview went really well. THe Manager seemed really impressed. I just have to hope there was no one better. Thank you very much ladies for your well wishing.
    And Ms Right I might have to pick your brains about nice places to eat on breaks. See if you can trump my bagel place?

  17. You got it:

    Amchs, amchs, amchs…

    That oughta do it. They’ll all have criminal convictions by the end of the week.

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