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Saturday 03 March at 0849 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Rants | 9 Comments

Last night whilst out with Pinkosa and the fantastic Ms Right I got my first Bloody-London-priced round in. £13 for 3 drinks. If my dad seen me pay these prices he’d never speak to me again. So no one say a word.
Although after seeing off Ms Right, me and Pinkosa headed off to some crappy club to see some of my other friends. One person got a round in for the four of them that cost over £20. Glad Im not him.
I was going to say this is one way to stop binge drinking, make the price of drinks too much, but there were plenty of out of it overly drunk people at this club. They are obvioulsy being paid too much, or will be doing nothing at all for the rest of the month.

Tonight its a bit of culture with some comedy. Hopefully the comedian will be the only thing I am laughing at and not the drink prices.



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  1. What was the club you went to? The one I was gonna recommend was Jewel (which I’ve been to a few times and had a great time even though it is pricey) and Digress on Beak street is good too.

    Had a good night on Friday. Next time I’ll arrange to kip at my dad’s. Hope the comedy was good 🙂

  2. I think Pinkosa may of already said it was Strawberry Moons that I went to. Didnt like it. Not a bit.
    Next time when you arrange to kip at your dad’s you’ll have to take us to either of the above.
    That or we head in to Camden 😉

  3. well, then, you’d best avoid the american bar in the savoy where ONE long island iced tea cocktail costs £13 (thankfully i wasn’t paying)

  4. This wasnt the most Ive paid for a round in London. A few years ago I got two drinks for a similar parice. But one drink for £13!? Wowsah!

  5. Wow so expensive. I bought three drinks on Saturday and it only cost £3.33. Yay for living in the middle of nowhere!

  6. I remember paying close to 100 pounds for a round once in some posh place in the City. I think we were around 7 or 8.

    Here, a drink for 3 would cost $20 with tip (and you have to tip here).

  7. Welcome to London!

    We have a Gin and Tonic index going in London. So far the most expensive anyone’s been charged is £20. for one drink. I kid you not.

    Swanky hotel bars are the worst offenders usually, so stay away from those.

    Cheap-ish drinking in soho can be had at Two Floors. Or if cocktails are to your liking, make friends with someone who works for Diageo. Their staff bar is awesome!

  8. Rebecca I blame the girl for drinking mixer’s. Had three pints been ordered the cost would be much less.

    Venting £100 for a round? I can see its for 7/8 people, but still thats very pricey.

    LG I hope the £20 drink was served in a very very very big cup. Im not a cocktail fan, the missus is, but I’ll have to try your Soho bars and avoid all hotels.

  9. Over here, mixed drinks are cheaper than a pint – it goes like this:

    1 pint – $5 for domestic, $6 for imported

    1 pitcher (which is around 3 or 4 pints) – $17 to $20 depending on where you are.

    Mixed drinks (gin & tonix, vodka & redbull etc.) – $4.50

    Martinis – Usually around $7 but if you go somewhere swank it’s around $16.

    I used to feel so rich when I came home for holidays. The pound goes very very very far in Canada.

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