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Tuesday 06 March at 1041 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 6 Comments

Well I have been waiting since last Friday from a call back from the agency who have got me the interview for this job that I really really want.
Yesterday I had a miss call and voice message on my phone. When I checked it it said
“Hi Boy Who’d Like this Job. This is the agency. Could you call me back soon please.”

It sounded important. Didn’t sound like good news, but sounded important. So I called them back straight away.

Here is the phoe conversation, minus the greeting.

“Well I have some good news and bad news.”
“Bad news is, they didn’t give you the job. They had another person who they felt was more suited to this role. They went with him. They did say it was diffiicult to chose between you and the other person.”
“OK” (I have great phone manners don’t I.)
At this point I was thinking OK, so I’ve not got the job. Maybe she is just being nice about the whole “it was a hard choice.” But at least there is good news. Maybe the agency have another vacancy somewhere. But I really wanted this one in Camden.
“Well the good news is, they said because the choice was so hard to make between you and the other person that they would like to put you forward for another role that will be coming up in a few weeks. Thy just need to get some papers signed.”
“OK” (This time it was in a higher pitched tone)
“So I was just wanting to know if you had any other interviews, or job prospects? As you seemed really keen to work for these. So what are you plans?”
“Well I am doing a part time job at the moment. I cancelled all my other interviews and offers as I was really hoping to get this.”
“So your current job would be ok until you started here. You’d be happy to take up the other role? I’m not too sure what it is, but it’s similar to the last role, just a bit different.”
“Yeah sure.”
“Good. I’ll call them straight back to them and let them know that you’d like to take up their offer.”

Now I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get teh role. But I like the fact that they want to keep me on for anothe role. The agency seemed very geniune with saying that they wanted me for another position. I can’t see why they would lie about it. Would they lie like that?
The only problem is nothing is confirmed. Papers have to be sigend, there is alot of waiting. I’m a bit worried that I put off getting a new job and then have this fall through.
It’d be nice if I was told that teh wheels where in motion. Anything. Just something.
But fingers crossed I’ll be told something soon. And hopefully be working for the company that I’ve wanted to work in before moving down here.



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  1. fingers are as crossed as i can get them 🙂

    cowboy boots, here you come

  2. Well that is good news. They could have said, “get lost you looser we would never employ someone like you”. So best of luck! 🙂

  3. You never know, the job that they are putting you in might actually be better 🙂

  4. Pinkosa, Im not too sure about you and your finger crossing luck 😉 hehe

    Rebecca, that is true.

    Kerri, I had been thinking that. It is a possibility. I hope youre right.

  5. Humn. Never turn down interviews on the promise of something. Only once you’ve got a contract are things certain – companies are rubbish and agencies even more so.

    The agency will want to keep you dangling so they have a good candidate should the company produce this new role. This isn’t to say that the company don’t intend to offer this new job, but things change all the time, so don’t hang all your hopes on it – keep looking elsewhere and you might find yourself in a position where you can chose between jobs. Or use one as negotiating power against the other to get more money.

  6. LG, I told them that I was more then happy to wait out any other interviews/prospects if I was offered this other role. I made sure the agency knew how entusiastic I was about working for the company. But like you say things change and Im just hoping that the small details that the company are waiting to finalise dont just not happen.

    One thing I was worried about was when the agency said they had good news I thought they were going to say that they had another interiew for me somewhere else. I wasnt looking forward to that as I wanted that job. But that wasmuch better good news.

    But Im gonna make sure to keep checking up every few days, maybe once a wekk or so to see if the agency have any update at all. Even if its bad news then I know I can start looking on teh job market again.

    Fingers crossed though

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