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Wednesday 07 March at 0941 | Posted in Life | 11 Comments

Yesterday I was at a pub quiz. We did really badly. Joint last. At least we were joint.

Believe it or not, and contrary to my belief based on the fact she pleasured a pig, Rebecca Loos was not the winner of some Safari Zoo TV show.

The team that did win were called ‘Quiz Team Aguilera.’ With a name like that they must be professionals.



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  1. Oh I wouldnt trust anyone with a name like that haha, the only thing I’ve ever known at a pub quiz was who Jemima Khan was 😐 Well done on your joint loss x

  2. well you know…. they don’t have pigs on Safari…

  3. I’d be rubbish in a pub quiz, I don’t even know who Rebecca Loos is.

  4. Nothing like a pub quiz to start an argument with your friends about how thick they are.

    Can’t believe I missed Safari Zoo. Sounds just like the sort of brain numbing celebrity rubbish I would enjoy.

  5. Thank you kindly Mon

    Im sure there is some sort of boar/wild pig in safari Pinkosa.

    Kerri, Rebecca Loos is the PA who hit the headlines not too long ago for saying she had explicit texts off David Beckham. Once her fame died down she went on Five’s The Farm and wanked off a pig. What a great career.

    Id never heard of Safari School. Google says it was some BBC2 show about celebs becoming park rangers. I bet that was a safe job.

  6. Whoaa! That is the best pub quiz team name that I have ever heard in my life ! I am going to use it the next time I partake in a pub quiz..which will proabably be never.. but if the chance arises I am using that name.

  7. You should use our team name – see title – as a back up, in case the Aguilera one is taken.

  8. Just read the title. That is genius!

  9. Aguilera? Deary me.

  10. Rebecca glad you noticed the title haha

    Lucy not just Aguilera “Quiz Team Aguilera” See what they did there.

  11. I just got the title now !! how slow am I ?? Yes that will be my back up name as it is equally genius.

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