Well I’ll have this job

Thursday 08 March at 1316 | Posted in Lifestyle | 5 Comments

A while back I used to spend time thinking up fake job’s for myself. The kind of job that I would tell people I had if I was in a club or at a party. Some of my better one’s are my earlier ones.

One of my first one’s was working in research department for a company that create protctive glass for banks, shops, buses etc, but working in the department that deal with creating the holes that allow people to speak through. Researching whats the best way to make sound clear and keep people safe.
I’d even thought up a great line,
“Yeah there is lots of progress within the securi-talk business,” that was my nickname for it. “We’re testing different hole sizes, spacing of the holes. The positioning. We even have one idea that is in early testing where we put a sticker on the table saying “Beware of protective glass.” Sticking up the frame of the glass but not actually having any protective glass there. A Placebo Securi-Talk Technique. Or what I like to call…” laugh out loud to self, “PSST! We currently have that testing in a set up in a Yorkshire Bank in Leeds”

Later on I’ll bring you my second favourite fake job and my newest addition.



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  1. Do you have a lot of time on your hands boy? 🙂

  2. you’re a nutter! 🙂

  3. lulz

  4. Kerri – Maple on Animal Crossing mentioned Heather today and said that she misses her lots – that’s your Mrs right?

  5. You are weird sometimes 😛

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