For Ms Right, Girl on a Train and especially Bluesoup*

Thursday 15 March at 0907 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, London, Rants | 9 Comments

So taking a break from my fake job trilogy, I’ll bring you my newest and all time favourite fake job later. Here is something that caught my eye the other day while shopping that made me think of you gal’s and guy’s – if there are any guy’s reading my blog, except Kerri….

So the other day on my way home from work I popped to the shops to do The Big Shop. I picked up my basket and noticed that the new basket was much bigger and plasticier then the old small metal ones. See here….

New basket

Then on closer inspection I noticed something that will anger many. And I mean really annoy ALOT of people.

These brand new baskets also have the ability to do a new thing. So here I am warning many of you commuters like Bluesoup, Ms Right, Girl on a Train. Just be careful next time you go shopping because shopping baskets now have a slidey handle with wheels and can be wheelied about by old people, annoying children and large groups of families.

Whhelie Basket

So watch out as no longer are annoying wheelie people confined to bus/train stations and surrounding areas. They are now down your local supermarket!!

*And all other haters of wheelie suitcase people.



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  1. oh look at your pointy shoes there… πŸ™‚

    and my packet of a million fish fingers!! eekxxx

  2. Youre right, the box says “16 fizzilian Fish Fingers” Thats more then a Brazilian

  3. is it more than a gazillion?

  4. I haven’t even met anyone driving one of these things yet, but I do declare that they should be OUTLAWED!!!

  5. Wow I could really use one of those baskets. Why does everyone hate wheelie cases? I think they are fantastic, especially for weaklings like me that can’t lift a heavy suitcase.

  6. Pinkosa, Not as much as that.

    I thought you would think that Soupster. Perhaps you should protest outside your local Iceland so they dont get any in.
    If you want me and Pinkosa can show you where I photographed these wheelie baskets and you can go have a moan to the manager πŸ˜€

    Rebecca I think I should point you in the direction of Bluesoup for an answer on that. Im sure she would easily be able to have a very detailed and long rant about them.
    Or maybe she could give you the 4 letter explicit version πŸ˜€

  7. I wish I had been there to watch you photographing the baskets!

  8. […] So tonight was shopping night. The Boy and i went to Iceland to use the funky baskets […]

  9. Wow – very cool!

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