The end of a Trilogy

Monday 19 March at 1523 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal | 1 Comment

I was going to write about my first day in London during a snow storm. Would I have to make arrangement’s and camp inside Victoria? Perhaps learn some Survival Tips from a homeless person. I do have my new waterproof and breathable coat so I would of had some protection from the eliments.
Speaking of which, how are fancy coats waterproof AND breathable. To be waterproof would mean no holes. To be breathable would indicate holes. Maybe they just have half holes?

But the snow – or sleet – storm didn’t last long. About 30 secondes. I’d of missed had the whole office not ran to teh windows. But I’m still betting there will be some servere delays on the way home.

Seeing also that I have

So instead let’s get back to the finale of my fake jobs.

This is my newest, untested and favourite fake job. As it still is untested if you would like to use it at a party be my guest. Give me some feedback.

On my way in to work the other week I walked past a shop that had some great posing mannequins. They it hit me. What a great fake job. Or even a great real job if you’re very lucky.

Being a model for mannequin’s. Basically sitting – or standing – in a room and coming up with great posses for mannequin design’s. Holding the chin, pointing at stuff or, my personal favourite, variations on the Michael Jackson Thriller cover pose. The kind of job you could easily get if you had catalgoue model experience.

 Perhaps I’ll get to try this out next weekend. I’m off to Scram Party. It’s in the centre of London and could be a bit of a mission getting home on teh night busses. Which may give me extra time to try out my new fake job. I hope it goes down well.


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  1. does that mean that i have to pretend to do this job as well? i don’t think i’m tall enough

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