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So I’ve been in my new crib for almost a month now. It will be a month this weekend. I know that as I have to fork of £150 more to the train people. But it’s gotta be done.

And now I’m trying to get a lay of the land. See what’s about. Mainly see what drinking establishments are about. What I would like and so on.

I have me temporary afterwork drinks sorted. I have my temporary near my closest station from work drinks sorted. You know the one, the pub where you go to if you don’t fancy joining the herd of cattle climbing on the grey tin boxes to head home.

The only establishment I have yet to find are the places you go to for a night out. Whether that be a a weekend of clubbing or a school night listening to live bands.

I’ve checked the free London paper’s for what on. The adverts normally look like
“blah blah blah. Neartest tube. Postcode”

For example
“An annoying chain bar. Leicester Square. WC2”

Without really venturing in to London much for a night out. My gut feeling tells me to stay away from any bars that are in the EC or WC postcode. Just to be safe. Stay away from the big chains and the tourists.

What I have found is two places I am very excited about.

Scram! Live! I don’t know how often this night is on. Once a month? Fortnightly? Who knows? It has great sounding music – check out the download section. It looks like the place where rule number one is have fun. Where people are friendly and you wouldnt look out of place in a full kitted out cricket outfit.
My first Scram party is this Saturday. Make sure you check back for details.

I’ve also found Cargo. My basic rule of thumb is if it says “electro, indie, rock” then it’s worth a look. If it boasts Sweedish pop stars, inventor of scratch, bar, restaurant, movies and more then it must be fun. Its like the Swiss Army Knife of the bar World.
And although Cargo does exsist within EC2, breaking my first rule, it’s variety has won me over. Also it’s within long walking distance – a short taxi – to Scram, so I can kill two birds with on stone this weekend.

And this is what I have found without even looking at Camden.

I’ve shown you mine now lets see yours 😉 Where do you recommend for a good night out?

Perhaps you may even bump in to me at one of these places. But I promise to be nice as pie.

And whatever you plan to do this weekend. Play nicely



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  1. Not been to Scram but been to Cargo – only when horribly drunk however.

    I don’t work in the city so don’t have to escape it – but Soho has tons of great bars and so on. Zagat is quite a good source of comments/reviews if you’re interested.

  2. Only when horribly drunk? Eep. Does that mean you wouldnt go sober? Or was it just a coincidence that you were drunk when you went there?

    I was told Soho had lots of bars, but last time I was down there, a few years back, I didnt find any. I thought everyone was lying. I then spent the night in GAY. Wasnt too bad of a night.
    But will have a look out for Zagat. Will let you know what I think.

  3. cargo is ok – i dunno what scram is tho.
    yeh ur right about leicester sq and the like but camden is ogood for a bar crawl as is cov garden

  4. well old street/shoreditch (where Cargo is) is meant to be right good….but i’ve worked round there for ages now and i’ve not seen THAT many places…. i think they’re all the type where there’s just a little door in a wall and you have to be in the know

  5. bar crawl? I’m in! everyday is the weekend for me 😉

  6. Old Street/Shoreditch/Hoxton Square is PACKED with places. But they are places that are not well marked and you need someone to show you where.

    I would show you ! But I’m not there 😦

  7. I’ve not been to Scram so you and Pinky should take me,. However, I have been to Cargo and it was a good night out.

    I also rate Digress in Soho which I had a good time at (but it is a little pricey), and Guanabara which is a top place. In fact, I am going there a week on Thursday if you and the Missus would like to join me…

  8. Venting – MOVE. You can bring McDreamy with you. 🙂

  9. Venting thats a big problem with alot of places in London. Theyre just doors that lead down to some basement or attic bar. So you do miss a lot youre right. I would need a guide.

    Soup, Scram was fun. Not what I expected. Although me and Pinkosa spent more time getting home then we did playing out due to the trains. We got home about 530. Yikes!
    But youre welcome to come out next Scram. Which isnt until May though.
    We didnt try out Cargo so thats still on my to do list.
    So thats two thumbs up for Digress. Although I dont like this price point. Yikes.
    I think Ive been to Guanabara. Is that the one next to the BlueMan Theatre?
    Im sure the missus would be ok for that. Ill ask, if she doesnt already know. Infact she has probably already asked me to go. I hardly pay attention when she starts talking about going out in a few weeks time.
    PS BlueSoup, I thoguht I saw you at the station today. I know my station isnt the same as your station, but the back of the persons head looked just like yours.
    Plus she nearly walked right through me so that made me think it was you too and that I had done something to annoy you.

  10. McDreamy’s Evil Exgf lives in London. 😦

  11. that’s a yes to next thursday from me… but when we went there you didn’t like it Boy..

  12. Boy – oh dear, well it wasn’t me!! I would have given you a good shove too 😛

    Pinky – we can sort out Guanabara when we go for cocktails next wed. xx

  13. I know what you mean, most listings make everything sound dull. Try Bradley’s on a Hanway street on a school night. Acer jukebox.

  14. On a school night?Are you sure?

    Although Im liking the good review of the jukebox.

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