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I’l get round to my weekend soon. But first a quote that I heard a few minutes ago as I picked up my shampoo and smelly spray.

A woman does some photcoying and heads to the counter to pay.
Pharmacist “Would you like your reciept?”
Customer “…hmmm.” Thinks about it. “Yeah sure. Just incase.”

Just incase what? The taxman doesnt believe you spent a pound on photocopying?
Just incase the paper breaks down half way through reading it and you need it repaired?
What just incase of?



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  1. I like you last idea. I think that is what it is. Or, perhaps she will get halfway through reading it and decide that it doesn’t match her shoes after all and want to take it back?

  2. Yeah, it probably would be a woman reason to take it back. The paper was to small for her. Or like you said, it didnt match her outfit.
    See men would be happy with what ever they photocopied. Even if they did what everyone expects and photocopied the wrong side and got 20 blank sheets, men would say “Yep. Just what I exepcted” Followed by some unaudile word said under our breath.

    Maybe I should of asked her.

  3. Your a little sexist at times Rob 😛
    I imagine she was just a bit flustered and wanted to leave with her nice and warm photo copied paper 🙂

  4. Well I dont get comments if Im not being prejudice towards someone 😀

    Although warm photcopied paper has a nice feel to it.

  5. Maybe she owns her own business and this would be a business expense that she needs to keep track of?

    JUST A GUESS? :p

  6. oh god… you’re having a male pig day are you…

    she probably needed it for expenses.

  7. What kind of business doesnt have a photocopier though?

  8. A home business. Photocopiers are expensive, mister!

  9. Lol, thanks for making me laugh! Just in case…it annoys me when people say that, including myself. Have a nice day x

  10. Venting that may be true. But I just find asking for reciept on 20 pieces of paper a little too strange.

    Mon, glad to be of service.

  11. Boy – if it is any consolation I like your daft idea much better than the sensible expenses one 😛

  12. While Venting may have a point- it may be an entirely valid reason – I think it’s probably more likely to be something she just blurted out. and then on the way out wondered why she’s added yet another bit of paper to the bottom of her handbag. I’m always doing that. Why do I need the receipt from the newsagent for one bottle of wine and some wotsits eh?

  13. London girl – well, just in case, of course 🙂 hehe

  14. Very funny soupster

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