The Line

Monday 30 April at 1021 | Posted in Life, Personal | 7 Comments

Or “If I’d paid the bill could could this be my fame?”

Well I just stepped outside to pick up some sausage and bagels for breakfast. Not all for me. Unfortunately ūüė¶

In the queue at the deli, in front of me was Trevor McDonald. I forgot he was a Sir. I smiled. He smiled. I felt an unspoken connection grow between us.

A post man stopped in to the shop to get a autograph. His name was Mike. The autograph wasnt off me, but off Trevor. I’d of easily obliged though.

“To Mike,
I’m waiting for breakfast. Why didnt you get Trevor’s autograph instead.
The¬†Boy Who Likes To (eat breakfast.)”

As I headed back to my office, I noticed across the giant gap in the middle of the building, a camera crew. Perhaps Old Sir McDonald is doing a “Tonight Special” in the building. Perhaps I should go over and ask if I can nochalantly walk past during the report.

News crew
I can’t see Sir Trevor here.

I’ve never nochalantly walked before. I hope I wouldn’t nochalantly fall.

Maybe the office will have a message over the tannoy system at the end of the day. Simply announcing

“Sir Trevor has left the building.”


The View

Friday 27 April at 1326 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants | 4 Comments

Or “How it feels to be in the same category as James Dean.”

I’ve turned in to a rebel. I’ve only been in this office for 5 days and I may already be in trouble with the landlords.

See the office, although very very nice, is a bit dull. Everytime I look to the windows for some nice daylight all I see is dull grey sheets. Everywhere. Yes I can see the outline of roofs through the blinds but it looks like a miserable Winter at its highest point of being dull.

So I took a little initiative. Despite my managers telling me that the landlord would frown upon the blinds being changed as they want to keep a familiar look throughout the building, I though “what the heck to that.” I’m not gonna give in to this window-nazi state. I’m going to make a break from this concentration camp regime and open these blinds. Im going to let in the light.

So I’ve laid my job on the line. I’ve adjusted the blinds so they are horizontal for maximum daylight. And I will accept all the blame if the landlord doesnt like it.

And the view? If you could imagine sitting on top of a hill, looking over rolling hill tops. Then substitute those hiil tops for roof tops. And thats what I have now.

But is far better then looking out to December.

In other news. How happy does Hawking look? 

I really glad he enjoyed himself. The best part was, was the crew through they might be able to manage 3 “trips” with Hawking, but ended up doing eight in total.

Fingers crossed Branson is reading this. “Let him have a go of your ship.”

Now what to do?

Wednesday 25 April at 1020 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle, London, Rants | 8 Comments

I A little patientreally want to write about how nice of a weekend I had in Brighton. But I also want to post a few photos too. I know the missus has some on her facebook thing so if yo ureally need to see the photos now they are there.
Otherwise just, have a little patieeeennnnnce….¬†

I’ve never really got coffee. Why everyone has gone bananas over coffee? There are even massive cooperation’s set up just to sell it to people. It’s bigger then tea. I just don’t get it. But some people do. And what do they do when it’s gone?

The boy who likes to people to take it easy.

Work has got many things on it’s intranet. From comments about the company from customers, to benefits for employees.

One other thing that is on the intranet is a forum. People can post about things they want to sell. Events coming up. To even what’s on the menu in the canteen. There is also a section for people just to chat. About enything they wish. The weekend. Play “Guess the movie quote” games. Anything.

One thing that has caught my eye is one person has taken it upon themselves to inform everyone else when Starbucks is closed.

If Starbucks is shut early for any reason, ie private function, then this person will go ahead and post up a message alerting everyone to Starbucks being closed early.

I cant see how much people need coffee to be warned before hand that the nearest Starbucks is closing early.

I mean I cant see a situation rising where someone where to leave work, head to Starbucks to pick up a coffee, only to find it closed and then break down on the step. But it wouldnt just be him. There would be ten’s, perhaps hundred’s from companies all around who have broke down on the step as they cant get their coffee. And in the window will be smug looking fat cats sipping there tripple milka chipparinos and laughing.

I really dont see that happening.

There is no need to inform people Starbucks will be closed early.

Im sure they will be able to make it through the rest of their day without their hit.

The Games

Monday 23 April at 1540 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Rants, Wii | 10 Comments

Or¬†“Next: I wonder if I brought in my racket they’d let me play.”

Today I have moved in to my proper office. This one is brand spanking new. Its just been refurbished. Most of the walls are glass so you can see everywhere. And its a very very big building.

We have just noticed that in one of the office’s across the mezzanine they have a Wii. Although I have my own, Ive never really seen a large group of people playing one of these and its quite fun. Especially the one guy who was far too over enthusiastic.

Some other advantages are the many widescreen TV’s. Any direction you look in you will see at least four TV’s in your eye line.
On top of that every PC is connected to a TV IP. Meaning we can watch TV at our desks. Any channels. In fact you could just plug in your ear phones and flick between work and Jeremy Kyle, or whatever movie is on film four. Nice!

Now I just have to find a good sandwich shop.

If I don’t Im seriously considering traveeling back to St James Park on my lunch for a cheap and tasty sandwich.

Watch this space.

Great work

Friday 20 April at 1510 | Posted in Lifestyle, London | 6 Comments

From the BBC…

More Bansky work has been painted over by the nice folk at TFL. They thought that the Pulp Fiction murial created social decay.

Now ask yourself, which looks better

No more Banksy

Another great day down at the office for TFL. Top job!

The Gem

Thursday 19 April at 1045 | Posted in Humour, Life | 10 Comments

Or “If the messenger had a gun he’d shoot himself.”

It’s only been a few days at my new job and I have already found a hidden gem to pass away working hours.

On the work’s intranet they have a link to a page that has customer comments. So everyone in the company can see what people think.

It’s very addictive reading. I’m hooked. And it goes back to 2005. Yessssssssss

The Curve

Tuesday 17 April at 2003 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal | 6 Comments

Or “Wondering if a cat feels this good if it half lands on it’s feet.”

Firstly, thank you for all your congraulations.

I’ve had my first few days at work now. And my inital feelings are Im very happy to of got this job.

My colleagues all seem to be young, about my age. Which is great as it will mean I’ll be able to meet some new people.

The job it seems Ive picked up really easy too. After being shown a few examples of what I need to do I was able to get along with doing some work on my own without any trouble at all. Obvioulsy there will be much more I need to learn over the next few weeks/months but I hope this is a good sign to all that I can pick up this job no problem.

And bonus is that I don’t need to be suited to work here. Although the missus and her parents have just bought me a new shirt/tie/pants combo. Yikes.

Pinkosa has always said that I’ve not really got to London until I get the tube to work. Well now I do. But I’ve been able to find a way that can get me to less travelled overground stations and along the very tips of underground stations meaning I dont have to squeeze in with the average commuter…
…although this isn’t for long. I’m only at this office til Friday. From Monday onwards I have to get the Victoria – or Northern, either will do – from Victoria or Blackfriars. This, I am not looking forward to.

Ive also been told that Ive if my details havent been passed on from HR to payroll in time that I might miss out on this months pay. Meaning It’ll be about 6 weeks until my next pay. And I only have one weeks pay from my last job in the bank. Damn!

Although it doesn’t end bad. With me being bale to quickly pick up my work load and not much to do I was told that the interweb policy is pretty relaxed. So relaxed in fact that I can even use webmail. Thats more relaxed then Frankie Going to Hollywood. So I will be able to catch up on missed blogage. Nice.

Overall, nice relaxed working atmosphere, colleagues I can get along with and a good wage. I’ve not really had any career ambitions. But these are top of that list.

The Call

Friday 13 April at 0727 | Posted in Life, London, Personal | 9 Comments

Or “How I learnt to stop worrying and realise it will all come round.”

Well today is my last day at work. I was only suppose to be here for four weeks and its been a few more then that.

The reason for me leaving is not because I am not wanted. Infact I had been asked to stay a few extra more months with the possibility of rolling the contract on further. But it’s because I have myself a new job.

 I got the call on Tuesday. The agency left a message saying they had good news. Which is a better message then the last one they left. When I rang them back they said the new company loved me and wanted me to start as soon as possible.

After sorting out a few things with my current job/agency I was able to confirm I can start Monday. Yesssssss

I’m looking forward to this job for many reason. First the pay is alot more then what I am on now. This will help with a few holidays I have planned this year, getting a massive TV for the flat. Something that will make the Wii look much much better – plus something to stop Pinkosa leaning forward whenever she watches Americas Next Top Model. There are also our plans to get out own place.

Im also looking forward to the advantages of working for a company and not an agency – although an agency got me the interview I will be working direct with the new company – this will be my first proper job. I will get sick pay. Ive never had sick pay. I’ll have better job security then “lets see if we still need you in a few months.”

But most of all Im looking forward to is getting on with my London life. Will be nice to be able to start making friends with colleagues who I know Ill be working with in a few months time. Build up some¬†new friendships. I’m just hoping that everyone there is easy to get on with.

I’m very excited.

I’ll let you know how my first day goes.

Waiting room

Tuesday 10 April at 1207 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Rants | 11 Comments

The NHS is in debt.¬†Free health service for all. Fantastic. In a list of idea’s its up there with Concorde, Veyron and PS3. Fantasitc¬†on paper, but very costly.¬†Its losing alot of money. And I wanted to help.

The boy who likes the NHS.

So I had a doctor’s appointment just before Easter. Nothing serious, just to register with a doctor since moving down from Leeds.

While making the appointment days weeks earlier, I overheard the receptionist telling one person that they can check in via a new shiny sparkly touch screen computer in the corner. My words, not hers.

When I arrived the morning of my appointment I went straight to the screen, despite the fact there was no queue at the reception desk and within a few button presses – half of them being “Start Again” – I was all booked in for my appointment. No queing behind old ladies. No wasting time. Nice.

When I looked at the machine I noticed that you could do finger print booking in. This is a genious idea. Very futuristic. Just pop in your thumb and voila, the doctor knows you are waiting.

I headed over to the reception desk to ask about it. Waited around for 5 minutes until someone finally came to the desk – thank god for the automated checking in – only to be told that isn’t in place yet.

Before I left the house for my appointment that morning I had a few forms to fill in. At the bottom of each one it read “Dont forget to bring a urine sample with you.”

I remember the receptionist saying something when I first made the appointment but I put it down to mishearing. The last time I peed in a cup I did it at the doctors. But I was wrong. So I had 10 minutes to rush around the house to find something to pee in. I couldnt use a cup it was too big. There wasn’t really anything I could find to pee in as¬†I opened all the draws and cupboards.

When my name was called in the waiting room I headed over to the nurse. She asked for my forms and my sample. I pulled out my see through container with my sample inside and handed it to her. She commented on how well wrapped in cling film it was. I explained that I didnt want a pee-leak in my bag.

She laughed about how the NHS are making cut backs so cant offer out pee cups.

“Youve just stuck¬†a very expensive touch screen, finger printing automated machine in your waiting room. That’s why you can’t afford cups.”

I then went on to explain where I got my sample holder from

I just hope the missus doesn’t try to find her silver glitter as it will all be down the toilet now.

And she will only know where her glitter holder has gone when she read’s this….eeeeeeeep

The Future

Wednesday 04 April at 0917 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal | 11 Comments

Or “How I learnt to get a new plan.”

So I have found my new job. The job that I want to have. I want to work as a “Talking CCTV Person.”

All day you’d sit around, watching TV and if you see anyone being mischievous then you get to have a bit of banter, tell them off and generally feel like God! Sweeet.

On the actual job front I had an interview – with another advertising company that also has three letter in it’s name – and I have to wait until next week to find out if I got the job.
I think the interview went well. I answered all their questions. But afterwards I felt like they had asked all the wrong questions and I had missed telling them some good bits about me.

But fingers crossed.


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