Calendars – What are they good for?

Monday 02 April at 0843 | Posted in Life, Rants | 5 Comments

Well for this weekend only – Absolutely nothing! Say it again.

I have two calendars. My google one, which is normally updated by the missus so I know not to forget things. And I have my phone. Which I use for appointments, interviews.

Both have failed to tell about the more important dates this year ie Pancake Day and April Fools Day.

I only realised it was April Fools Day while watching T4 at about 5 pm. Thats far too many quality hours I missed out on playing some decent pranks on a unsuspecting and very sleepy missus.

Next year I will not forget.



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  1. i’m SO glad you didn’t know…..

  2. April Fools is the scariest day of the year. i don’t know who to believe!

  3. Pinkosa, youre just a killjoy 😉

    Kerri, unless your half asleep and not aware of the date it can be a very scary thing indeed.
    THe funnies I read was on BBC. Saddam Husseins brother once played an April Fools prank where he “joked” that rations had been scraped and people could eat what they like. haha

  4. McDreamy and I told everyone that we had gotten engaged.

    Everyone believed us and everyone was disappointed when we said APRIL FOOLS!

  5. Im sure you made your loved ones proud with that little joke! haha

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