The Future

Wednesday 04 April at 0917 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal | 11 Comments

Or “How I learnt to get a new plan.”

So I have found my new job. The job that I want to have. I want to work as a “Talking CCTV Person.”

All day you’d sit around, watching TV and if you see anyone being mischievous then you get to have a bit of banter, tell them off and generally feel like God! Sweeet.

On the actual job front I had an interview – with another advertising company that also has three letter in it’s name – and I have to wait until next week to find out if I got the job.
I think the interview went well. I answered all their questions. But afterwards I felt like they had asked all the wrong questions and I had missed telling them some good bits about me.

But fingers crossed.




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  1. you’re meant to do ‘the boy who likes to…. plan for the future’

  2. No thats old news. My comment about old blogging titles was in reference to the titles on my old old blog. Not just past titles on this blog.

  3. No, I agree with Pinky.

    That was a brilliant way to intro posts.

  4. Soupster, if you want it, its yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But I think its time to let that go and try something else.

    It was fun for a while. But it kind of made me write real long posts – which I do not have in me at the moment.

  5. Good luck with the advertising job, that’d be brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  6. Mon, it does sound fun. But its not with an advert making company but an advert space selling company. So may not be as quirky.

  7. Okay, I arrived in the UK on Tuesday and have since been inundated with news reports of talking CCTV cameras. Is this the only news in the UK at the moment?? And does no one else find thema little freaky, with their monotone “bloke in the black suit, pick up your litter” demands. Fight the power, people!

    Oh and, er, found you thru London Girl, in case you were wondering where this random Aussie came from with her concern at talking CCTV. But honestly, 3 days and it’s been in every news broadcast I’ve seen.

  8. Well there was the matter of a few soliders and sailors being imprisoned. But to cover up the possibilty that Government did stray in to Iraqi waters they sent out another great piece of news just to take everyones mind off things.

    I think the reason this has got the attention of everyone is because Britain is now slowly turning in to George Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four. Next on the list is 2+2=5

    Although from what I read kids are getting to do competitions to be the voice. I can picture the scene. High pitched childish voice “Pick up your litter… ner ner n-ner ner”

    Random Aussies are always welcome.

  9. Good luck! I hope you get the job if you want it. Don’t you know that’s how all interviews go!? You never get to tell em the good stuff!


  10. Hey there,

    Long time no talk? Hope things are going well in the job hunt and with the lady. Also, hoping you’re having a Happy Easter.


  11. Hey Shelby,

    All is well. A very relaxing Easter indeed.

    Hope youre well

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