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Tuesday 17 April at 2003 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal | 6 Comments

Or “Wondering if a cat feels this good if it half lands on it’s feet.”

Firstly, thank you for all your congraulations.

I’ve had my first few days at work now. And my inital feelings are Im very happy to of got this job.

My colleagues all seem to be young, about my age. Which is great as it will mean I’ll be able to meet some new people.

The job it seems Ive picked up really easy too. After being shown a few examples of what I need to do I was able to get along with doing some work on my own without any trouble at all. Obvioulsy there will be much more I need to learn over the next few weeks/months but I hope this is a good sign to all that I can pick up this job no problem.

And bonus is that I don’t need to be suited to work here. Although the missus and her parents have just bought me a new shirt/tie/pants combo. Yikes.

Pinkosa has always said that I’ve not really got to London until I get the tube to work. Well now I do. But I’ve been able to find a way that can get me to less travelled overground stations and along the very tips of underground stations meaning I dont have to squeeze in with the average commuter…
…although this isn’t for long. I’m only at this office til Friday. From Monday onwards I have to get the Victoria – or Northern, either will do – from Victoria or Blackfriars. This, I am not looking forward to.

Ive also been told that Ive if my details havent been passed on from HR to payroll in time that I might miss out on this months pay. Meaning It’ll be about 6 weeks until my next pay. And I only have one weeks pay from my last job in the bank. Damn!

Although it doesn’t end bad. With me being bale to quickly pick up my work load and not much to do I was told that the interweb policy is pretty relaxed. So relaxed in fact that I can even use webmail. Thats more relaxed then Frankie Going to Hollywood. So I will be able to catch up on missed blogage. Nice.

Overall, nice relaxed working atmosphere, colleagues I can get along with and a good wage. I’ve not really had any career ambitions. But these are top of that list.



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  1. hurrah!!

    or you could get the train with me in the morning and the northern line to kings x….. hehe

  2. Nice one Boyo! Way to go.

  3. Isn’t it great when everything comes together.

  4. Pinkosa, Perhaps

    Soupster have you turned Welsh?

    Rebecca, me you and Hannibal – not the human eating one – certainly think so.

  5. Hey dude, how are ya? Good to hear from ya.

    You are lucky that you get to take the tube to work, I miss the tube. It was indeed the most brilliant transportation…Driving sucks in traffic!

    I’ll catch up on your reading in a bit.


  6. I wouldnt use “lucky” as a word to describe taking the tube to work.

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