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Friday 20 April at 1510 | Posted in Lifestyle, London | 6 Comments

From the BBC…

More Bansky work has been painted over by the nice folk at TFL. They thought that the Pulp Fiction murial created social decay.

Now ask yourself, which looks better

No more Banksy

Another great day down at the office for TFL. Top job!



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  1. TFL are deluded. There are several of banksy’s works that have been painted over by clueless people.


    Clearly the irony and subtlety of it just goes over their heads.

  2. I just have one question. Why?

  3. Well we all know what I think about most transport companies…

    As an aside, they have taken down the PDF of travel card season ticket prices! ARGH!

  4. Souspter, they took down the prices? Those Bastardos!

  5. hey, why don’t ya post up some pictures of the view and etc!! I miss London.

  6. There arent many views where I am working. Just rows and rows of roofs. Im not high enough to be able to take photos. I do have some photos taken from when I went on the millenium eye a few months back> ill try to find out what the link is.

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