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Monday 23 April at 1540 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Rants, Wii | 10 Comments

Or “Next: I wonder if I brought in my racket they’d let me play.”

Today I have moved in to my proper office. This one is brand spanking new. Its just been refurbished. Most of the walls are glass so you can see everywhere. And its a very very big building.

We have just noticed that in one of the office’s across the mezzanine they have a Wii. Although I have my own, Ive never really seen a large group of people playing one of these and its quite fun. Especially the one guy who was far too over enthusiastic.

Some other advantages are the many widescreen TV’s. Any direction you look in you will see at least four TV’s in your eye line.
On top of that every PC is connected to a TV IP. Meaning we can watch TV at our desks. Any channels. In fact you could just plug in your ear phones and flick between work and Jeremy Kyle, or whatever movie is on film four. Nice!

Now I just have to find a good sandwich shop.

If I don’t Im seriously considering traveeling back to St James Park on my lunch for a cheap and tasty sandwich.

Watch this space.



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  1. raaa

  2. So when do you fit in the doing your actual work bit? 🙂

  3. What sandwich shop did you go to in SJP?!?! Brunos?! It is super xx

  4. Oh, and did you meet *that guy I told you about* yet?

  5. I work in a very distracting office too. Fine if you’re feeling keen and eager. A disaster if you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated.

    We don’t have wiis tho.

  6. the boy – how did I say “raa” to myself? I dont remember doing that.

    Rebecca soon. Very soon. Just not today as I have an unofficial half day off.

    Soupster I didnt see the name of it. Its just off Victoria St. On Old Pie Road – I think it was called. Where that little market is. They have large selection and very cheap. I recommend the ham, cheese and tomato.
    No Ive net met him yet no. I think that that department have been kicked out to the office I was at last week for a few weeks while they have their floor refurbished.

    LondonGirl, it is very distracting. I mean even now Jeremy Kyle is on. How can I possible even begin to start work with this on, cup of tea and slices of toast.
    You should ask them to get a Wii. I was thinking about storing my on Mii on my own controller and playing a few matches. Perhaps even start a company playoff. (Perhaps this may happen when wimbledon is on?) But Ive only been here a week so that might be a bit too cheeky.

  7. Oh yeah yeah yeah!! I know that one as well. Like £1.40 for long baguettes. Mmm, I think it is the cheapest place around here actually. It’s like a crazy production line service in there! Herded through!

  8. I wanna fun job 😦
    I can’t wait to leave college and do my degree – even more fun!

    Glad your enjoying the job though 🙂 I can’t say much for London sandwich shops but I did go to the trocadero once and it had a lot of fun arcade games!


  9. it’s so bizarre! I thought there would be a starbucks or something at every corner. They do make Starbucks brewery…maybe the person who posted just have a social-dysfunctional-syndrome, where he lacks of topics to talk about.

  10. Well that is true. Perhaps the person in question could just go to the store next door to Starbucks as that probably is a Starbucks itself.

    (Also Corp Lady, Ill let you in on a little secret. When you click to comment on an entry youll need to click the “Comment” button at the top near the title of the post. Otherwise it looks like you are commenting on the wrong post. ITs a slight floor in an otherwise good theme)

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