Now what to do?

Wednesday 25 April at 1020 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle, London, Rants | 8 Comments

I A little patientreally want to write about how nice of a weekend I had in Brighton. But I also want to post a few photos too. I know the missus has some on her facebook thing so if yo ureally need to see the photos now they are there.
Otherwise just, have a little patieeeennnnnce…. 

I’ve never really got coffee. Why everyone has gone bananas over coffee? There are even massive cooperation’s set up just to sell it to people. It’s bigger then tea. I just don’t get it. But some people do. And what do they do when it’s gone?

The boy who likes to people to take it easy.

Work has got many things on it’s intranet. From comments about the company from customers, to benefits for employees.

One other thing that is on the intranet is a forum. People can post about things they want to sell. Events coming up. To even what’s on the menu in the canteen. There is also a section for people just to chat. About enything they wish. The weekend. Play “Guess the movie quote” games. Anything.

One thing that has caught my eye is one person has taken it upon themselves to inform everyone else when Starbucks is closed.

If Starbucks is shut early for any reason, ie private function, then this person will go ahead and post up a message alerting everyone to Starbucks being closed early.

I cant see how much people need coffee to be warned before hand that the nearest Starbucks is closing early.

I mean I cant see a situation rising where someone where to leave work, head to Starbucks to pick up a coffee, only to find it closed and then break down on the step. But it wouldnt just be him. There would be ten’s, perhaps hundred’s from companies all around who have broke down on the step as they cant get their coffee. And in the window will be smug looking fat cats sipping there tripple milka chipparinos and laughing.

I really dont see that happening.

There is no need to inform people Starbucks will be closed early.

Im sure they will be able to make it through the rest of their day without their hit.



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  1. is that monkey meant to be a little patient?

    or is it just a random picture you like?!

  2. Its a little (monkey) patient. Cant you see his sore arm?
    I tried looking for other better little patients. But couldnt find any.

    If you find one, let me know.

  3. Maybe the whole ‘Starbucks is closing early’ is a code for something else. Perhaps where you work is a splinter group for MI6.

    Or maybe my imagination is in overload today.

  4. If you don’t drink coffee, then you don’t GET coffee. I would be pretty pissed off if I went to my local Starbuck’s, dreaming of my non-fat, sugar-free vanilla latté, and I get there – AND IT WAS CLOSED.

  5. Rebecca, I like your idea. Possibly!

    Venting, could you not just go next door. As the chances are the store next door would be a Starbucks also.

  6. Coffee is so addictive, maybe that’s why they need to tell people when the starbucks supply is closed off early. 🙂

  7. That’s ridiculous how they wanna control your window. They probably have a power struggle or that they need to take a chill pill!

  8. Well, up to now no one has complained about the blinds. Im hoping it stays like that.

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