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Friday 27 April at 1326 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants | 4 Comments

Or “How it feels to be in the same category as James Dean.”

I’ve turned in to a rebel. I’ve only been in this office for 5 days and I may already be in trouble with the landlords.

See the office, although very very nice, is a bit dull. Everytime I look to the windows for some nice daylight all I see is dull grey sheets. Everywhere. Yes I can see the outline of roofs through the blinds but it looks like a miserable Winter at its highest point of being dull.

So I took a little initiative. Despite my managers telling me that the landlord would frown upon the blinds being changed as they want to keep a familiar look throughout the building, I though “what the heck to that.” I’m not gonna give in to this window-nazi state. I’m going to make a break from this concentration camp regime and open these blinds. Im going to let in the light.

So I’ve laid my job on the line. I’ve adjusted the blinds so they are horizontal for maximum daylight. And I will accept all the blame if the landlord doesnt like it.

And the view? If you could imagine sitting on top of a hill, looking over rolling hill tops. Then substitute those hiil tops for roof tops. And thats what I have now.

But is far better then looking out to December.

In other news. How happy does Hawking look? 

I really glad he enjoyed himself. The best part was, was the crew through they might be able to manage 3 “trips” with Hawking, but ended up doing eight in total.

Fingers crossed Branson is reading this. “Let him have a go of your ship.”



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  1. hahahahahaha that picture is ACE!

  2. DO you think he is eyeing up that escaped apple?

  3. This made me smile so much when I saw it on the news. It must be so awful for him to have such a brilliant mind, and be stuck with such a useless body.

    On another point, I would be so sick if I went up in that plane. All that ascending and descending, blurrrgh!

  4. You are a devil you know!

    The Stephen Hawkins thing is great. That was a really uplifting story this morning (boom boom)

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