Some people say I have two…

Wednesday 02 May at 1630 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Rants, Sandwiches | 2 Comments

…and other updates.

Here are some nice photos of today.

A lovely morning at the river.

Like many, I’m heading to work. When will “Its too nice to work” day off’s be introduced?

I’ve also updated photos on The Line and May Day Riots’s.

And a funny photo I found in my phone.

The house that Cards built.
This was spotted in a club me and Pinkosa were at the other week.

Speaking of clubs I have found my next favourite party. Every party changes location and is held in a secret location. You can only go if you have an invite – or a really cool badge. This appears to be the place were all the cool kids go. And I’m not even cool. How did I get an invite. I thought my email address was on the “Cool Offender Registrar.”
Anyways check it out. Perhaps I’ll see you there?

I do have a minor rant to end with. Is it accepted to eavesdrop on public transport? The other day on my way home with Pinkosa and Danny Cool the lady behind us began to laugh as I discussed my favourite and heated of subjects….the sandwich. Obviously she thought it would be ok to listen in and enjoy my rant.
Although Pinkosa would comment that at my volume the whole train could probably hear me. And then it would be called eavesdropping….but instead noise pollution.



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  1. I wholeheartedly believe in eavesdropping on public transport. It is public, after all…

  2. Soupster I have to disagree. I mean I wouldnt approach two people in any other area, ie a bar and sit and listen. That would just be rude.

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