God loves everyone

Thursday 03 May at 1142 | Posted in Humour | 7 Comments

…but Christians hate Harry Hill.



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  1. just him? no one else in the world?

  2. Do they? When did they decide that?

  3. I dont know about anyone else Samosa.

    Retro I have some “inside information.” (Touches nose)

  4. Boy…. retro has the same ‘inside information’ as you… 😉

    but perhaps he doesn’t use it to its full potential!

  5. Ah, I see *taps nose*
    Retro – if you have the time, check out the “The Watercooler | Duty Comments | 02/05” and then its about page 4.
    Also if you want something funnier to read check out the second comment on “01/05.” Beautiful.

    PS if I tap my nose anymore I might end up like Danielle Westbrook

  6. I see now. You’re right. I saw the comment on 1/5 – genius. Still attracting those ABC1s! You could make a Kyle spin-off magazine just featuring viewer opinions!

  7. […] Christians could wear something to makle them stand out. It would help. Perhaps they could wear a “I hate Harry Hill” badge? That way we would all be able to tell. And it would cause me no […]

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