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Over heard
“Viewer telephoned to say he was disappointed in the Jeremy Kyle show today. He felt that there was not enough information given out about the subject of paedophilia. As a paedophile offender himself, he found the programme very unbalanced.”

A paracetemol machine next to the condom machin in the boys toilets. Great piece of marketing.

Check this out
Women goes in to labour at bingo. Gives birth at hospital. Gives the kid the most Chav of all Chav names.
Mika Jade Gala. Poor kid. It didnt even have a chance. 

And some travel warning. Ill be wheeling a suitcase in the Holborn/Euston area’s. You’ve been warned.



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  1. Could have been worse she could have called her Mika Jade Mecca.

  2. Or Mika Jade Two-Fat-Ladies.

  3. Or Mika Jade Two-Little-Ducks.

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO what an awful name

  5. Lets hope it doesnt turn out to be a lonely gay racist.

    When did we last see one of them…

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