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For those who have a Wii here is a little bit of blogging good news.

A while back I championed the new Google Reader.

Well now you can get a Wii mode for your Google Reader. It even comes with Wiimote controls.
Just visit here. Don’t forget to bookmark.

PS you have to have the Internet Channel, this is not it’s own channel. Although I do think a RSS Channel on the Wii would be fantastic.



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  1. Isn’t there a new internet browser out for the wii now too or am I imagining it?! Haven’t used the internet stuff that much – need a broadband splitter or hub or somesuch nonsense…

  2. Not too sure about a second net browser. Unless it’s some hack that only underground Japanese Nintendo owners know about.
    But Olly, whats this about not having your Wii Connect 24 on. I thought Japan was one giant wifi hub that just sent out waves of wifi. Is this not true?
    I’ve just picked up Eledees – or Elebits for everyone else – so looking forward to trying out WiiConnect24 a little more.

  3. Sounds marvellous. Though I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    Boy stuff eh?

  4. *Puffs out chest* Yep. Boys.

    Youve not played on a Wii yet?

  5. Yeah, I saw some pictures in one of the Wii hack magazines over here with a different looking browser to the one I used. Dunno what it was though as I was flicking through to the hack-your-psp pages.

    I don’t have wifi in my apartment as my computer is too old for wifi! The new one I should be buying will have it though so I can get a wifi router or whatever it is then…not sure I even know how to turn the Wii connect 24 on though…

  6. Opera does a good job with interweb browsing. Better then the trial. There are a few things that I use more then the browser with WiiConnect24 which is the weather channel, Virtual Console and the Poll Channel. I just wished Nintendo would hurry up and get wifi games out.
    Roll on Mario Strikers.

    Switching the WiiConnect24 on is quite simple. The big “On” “Off” buttons on the Switch WiiConnect24 on? screen, you just select “On.” haha

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