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Thursday 10 May at 1059 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 5 Comments

Or “Learning to live with a finger on the delete button.”

I have a friend. Well not really a friend, just an old work colleage. This friend likes to eMail a lot. Very lots indeed. (This day I am doing away with English.)
But a high number of her eMails are just chain mails or something. If you wanted to put a percentage on it – I know alot of people need nice round figures – I’d say it was a high percentage.
I constantly have to delete this persons eMail’s. Most of the time I don’t even open them.

There really isn’t no nice way of saying “listen, if your going to email me, please don’t include the rest of your address book and leave the body of the text under hundreds of lines of forwarding information.”

As we all know beating around the bush won’t work. But being direct could be bad.

I’m thinking that the easiest way to approach this subject is to not approach it. Just have a rule in my inbox that bins all emails from this person with “FW:” in the title.

Will that work?

If that doesn’t work I could keep sending tins of Spam – the precooked  meat – through her letter box with “FW:You” written on them.

You’d of thought that we would live in a society where people had come to realising that forwarding on Viral emails to people was rude.
Everyone knows if you want to show people crap things you just create a blog…



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  1. Are these to your personal email or your work account?

    If work, you could say that your boss told you off for getting so much junk and can she please just not send it – that way it is your boss’s fault not yours…

  2. hmm i’m sure it would work if you did a rule where the message was from that person and it had FW: in the title or in the main body of the email then it goes into trash or SPAM!

  3. They are to my personal email, from an previous work colleague.

    Would it not be rude thought to delete email as soon as it arrives without letting the person know?

  4. I once had a friend who liked to do this. So when they sent emails telling that I must forward them on to 35 people or I’d turn green and my arms would fall off, I’d simply forward them back to the sender 35 times.

    They quickly got the message 🙂

  5. You could always setup a folder in your account and have all those emails dropped into there. Or send them to the junk email folder (if using Outlook). That way you can always blame Outlook.
    I work in IT and you’ll be surprised how many of these emails are caught in spam filters in most companies.
    Filter them and forget about it! =0)

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