There’s a party on the hill dya wanna come?

Monday 14 May at 1559 | Posted in Lifestyle, London, Personal | 7 Comments

I’ve been in London a few months now. I’ve tried looking everywhere for ideas on good nights out. Trying to find that one place that I can rely on for a night out. The place where when its on, all other plans should be scrapped.
Staying as far away from any major names when it comes to clubbing. If they have their own fitness video out, it cant be that good of a club. But after searching, and pretty much losing with my last few finds, I came across a hint from a colleage.  Ladies and Gentleman, my search is other.

The boy who likes a party.

Thanks to the great guys over at Buttoned Down Disco I had a fantastic evening out. I think I may of even found a new playground. Strictly not on school nights of course.

Despite the missus being a bit worried as I led her down some dark back streets, with no lighting and over 90% of the buildings boarded up we eventually reached The Hub – which was hosting this evening Buttoned Down Disco, but the venue changes each party.

There was a great selection of people. From guys with beards, to student types, to cool kids who looked like they just come out of an eighties punk video, to David Bowie playing on a projector – perhaps the cool kids were wannabe Bowie backing singers?? Even a whole group of the missus old school friends appeared.

Although most of the crowd were probably from the nearby Met Uni. Which meant they were young. And I felt old. Really old. I hope I wasnt as baby faced when I was there age. I cant believe I’m saying “when I was there age” and I’m only 25.

But that didnt stop me throwing a few shapes and here are some of my favourite photos.

Here is my about to throw some massive shapes.

And me about twenty seconds later after throwing some shapes. Notice no drink in my hand anymore. Oops.

What would you guess was the song I was dancing to?

Here is a clue, it isnt this choooon by Prodigy, although this was played at some point.

There are plenty more photos available on the missus Facebook album. Go find her and have a look at them.

So if you want a good, cheap, excellent and major fun night out I highly recommend you go sign up to Buttoned Down Disco’s mailing list. There is no other way of finding out where the secret location of the next party is.

Maybe Ill see you there?



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  1. Love the post dancing face.

    25! I am surprised at that age you can muster the energy to go dancing.

  2. Digging the ‘shapes’ Sounds like a good night. And the fact that Bowie was on screen makes it ace.

  3. even i don’t know what song was on then! i think you were dancing to your own tune!

  4. Rebecca, well I was very tired after all those 20 seconds. I mean I am getting on to 26 now.

    Fab, you should see the shapes in action. Word.

    Samosa dont we all dance to our own tune….or is it just me?

  5. well i tend to dance to the tune that’s playing… but you just go a little crazy and throw those shapes all about the place 😉

  6. You better wathc yourself next time pinky otherwise his arms might go a bit craaaaaazy. Word!

  7. Oh and the little tune in my head is so much better than the ‘boys’. lol

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