The 137th Joke

Wednesday 16 May at 1128 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal | 12 Comments

Or “How to tell if there is an elephant in the room.” 

Let me picture the scene for you. I feel much more comfortable picturing the scene then asking you all to come in to our bedroom.

In the background, and advert for plays in the livingroom. The missus is asleep in bed. I take some clothes, or something else that is not important to the story, in to the room. The noise I make as I walk in the bedroom wakes up the missus. I lie on the bed to say good morning.

*loud elephant noise comes from the living room*
Missus: *Eyes shoot wide open, slight look of horror.* “What was that?”
(Two ideas spring to my mind. First one, I can explain that the TV is on and the noise is coming from an advert with an elephant in it. Or I can make fun of her. Which one should I chose?)
Me, in a faux-sincere voice: “It’s okay. It’s only elephants. I’ll make sure they leave soon.”

It’s been a few days since she said this and the other day she thought that maybe it would be best to explain why she would say something silly.
Here is her explanation.

Pinkosa: “Well it was early, I had just woken up and I couldn’t hear the actors voices.”
Now two ideas spring to my head at this point. I’m starting to think I can only manage two thoughts per moment. The first is to accept the explanation and to drop the joke. Or I can make fun of her. Which one should I chose?
Me: “So what you’re saying is that because you couldn’t hear the actors voice you couldn’t be to clear on whether there was an advert playing, or if there was an ACTUAL elephant in the living room?”
Pinkosa: “Not funny” *Turns back to me*

I think that I should be allowed at least a week to drag out this joke. Don’t you?



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  1. Very cruel, very nasty, and yet very funny!

    Should be dragged out as long as possible.

  2. well, i didn’t know the TV was on did i?!


  3. Minimum one week. Then drop it.

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  5. Bring it up every few months for years to come. Make it so that when she is old and wrinkly and she got the grandchildren visiting they all sit around to hear the story of the time elephants invaded the house and woke her up.

    You know it’s the right thing to do.

  6. Yup drag it out. Oh please drag it out. And an occasional elephant noise made by you is needed as well.

  7. hehehe
    poor pinkosa, she’ll get you back just you wait!

  8. you’re ALL mean *pouts*

  9. What a big nelly…

  10. So what you are all saying is that I shouldnt stop?
    Youre going to get me in to trouble….well more trouble then I was already in 😉

  11. i should add here for everyone to see that you got scared of the radio alarm the other morning becasue you thought someone was in the room!

    ok elephants are less likely, but i had more reason to be afraid of elephants in the lounge than you did of a man in the bedroom…., maybe

  12. that picture reminds me of that movie, talladega nights!

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