These boots were made for walking

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This post is not sponsored by Walk It. Although go check out their site if you are walking around London.

So after being settled in work for a few days and getting to know the area I started to wonder if there was a better way of getting to work other then taking two tubes. There aren’t many things I know I dislike, but I am confident I hate the rush hour tubes. I tried doing the whole tube thing, and I like the tube, just not of a morning of when I’m trying to get home. Only when it’s empty.

Then I was tipped off about an overground train that ran from Blackfriars to Farringdon. “Excellent,” I thought. “This is the break I have been waiting for.” What this meant was getting half the amount of trains from my terminating station to work.
After trying it out once I thought “Yessssssss.” Not only was my time on a train cut dramatically – although I did have an extra few minutes to walk – there wasn’t that many people on the train either meaning I wasn’t as squashed as taking the tube. I don’t think I have ever been that squashed. I don’t know how some people do it.

Now although I found I enjoyed my new journey home I wasn’t to happy about the time getting home. Overground trains are no where near as frequent as their underground younger sister.
Then on one journey home my connecting train from Farringdon to Blakfriars arrived earlier. Or the train running before my regular one was running late. I got on and jumped on the first train at Blackfriars to Bromley. It was then I was pleased to find this new train I was on that I’ve never got before as it leaves 20 minutes before I get there is a fast train. Stops at two places before Bromley. When I was home I noticed it had cut a third of my time spent travelling.

So the next day in work I looked on the TFL website – even though it never gives the best times – to see what time this train I got the previous day should actually get in to Farringdon at? Would I be able to get this new train everyday and cut my traveling time down by 30 minutes? Well according to the site there was no chance. I had no hope of getting to Farringdon in time to get the connecting train unless it always ran late.

I tried a few bus combinations of trying to get to Farringdon to get the connecting train. None worked. It was then I noticed this

All my plans were taking in to account getting to Farringdon. TFL tipped me off on walking direct to Blackfriars. I never realised they were so close. They seemed quite far apart on the connecting train.

So I tried to walk. Leaving work at 1745, walk right past Farringdon and straight to Blackfriars. In attempt to get the 18.11 train. And you know what? It worked. Walking is faster then getting a train.

And it wasnt a fluke. Everyday since I started walking to Blackfriars to get the fast train I have always got home 30 minutes earlier. Much happier. And fitter.

I’m starting to think that London is much smaller then you’d think when on foot.



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  1. That’s both completely insane and absolutely wonderful.
    I wish New York had something similar to the TFL journey planner.

  2. HURRAH!!! (even though i already knew that)

    London is a lot smaller than you think, if only you know which directions to walk in! 🙂

  3. When i was in London we wanted to go to Chinatown from Picadilly, we walked for about half hour, got on the tube and got to picadilly in about 40 minutes. When we got out of the tube station we realised we were literally right next to where we had started…

    walking for the win.

  4. Yay for leg power!

  5. Stuart, the TFL Journey planner is good, but flawed. (Although you will only notice this if youve lived in London a while)

    Pinkosa, you already did.

    Kerri, that would be quite annoying.

    Rebecca, leg power needs to be built up. Im on holiday in a weeks time and doing nothing but walking over Scottish mountains. Leg power indeed.

  6. you will have thighs like tree trunks


  7. […] – there wasn t that many people on the train either meaning I wasn t as squashed as taking the tube. I don t think I have ever been that … …Sportzia More […]

  8. That’s mad, is it just that you are the boy who likes to… walk fast?

  9. London is often more quickly and easily approached on foot or on a bike. And it’s more interesting and less stressful. I LOVE TFL.

    I say get a bike – it’ll save you a packet too.

  10. London is super easy to walk around. I remember the pains of having to wait on the platform at southwark for maybe 5 tubes until there was space for little old me to get on in rush hour. I’d rather walk if that had been an option.

  11. When I worked in Bayswater it used to take me 50 minutes to get their by tube. On the day of a strike I decided to walk. It took 45 minutes. This didn’t however make to want to walk in everyday…

  12. Betty, this is London. If you don’t walk fast you end up getting killed….well not quite.

    LondonGirl, I was looking at the cost of those folding bikes…..I’m not going to be saving much money getting one of them.

    Jo Ive stood on teh same platform many times after work thinking the exact same thing. Its horrible when yo uhave to wait for a gap on the Tubes. Especially when you are in a rush to get somewhere, ie home.

    Olly, as long as it is not raining I wouldn’t mind doing a 45 minute walk. Although I am glad mine takes less then half of that.

  13. scooters here we come!

    meep meep

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