To share or not to share.

Tuesday 22 May at 0839 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal | 15 Comments

When I started at my new job there was some talk and alot of advertising about share dealing. Apparently staff were going to get a good deal on shares. Well not just a good deal but were going to be handed lots of free shares.

Very good deal.

A few weeks ago a letter dropped through the door for myself. I was more then surprised when opening it to find that I had been offered £500 worth of shares. And only having worked here a few weeks.

So the instructions were to keep the shares. Or to sell them back to the company for the price they paid – not the current price – and earn a nice little bonus.

I figured it would be nice to have shares and to keep hold of them. So while people around me decided to sell theirs off straight away I thought I’d keep hold of them.

I pictured me in a few months time having a nice little break on some beach in France with the missus having tripled my money on my shares, while everyone else sits at work.
Perhaps a nice break in Nice. haha. I’ve wanted to go there for a while now.

Then I did a little investigating.
The share price that we got the shares for was £1.20. The highest price of the shares in the last 4 or 5 years was £1.40. The price had been recovering for a bad few months also prior to what we had so had hit quite a low recently. So I started to figure these shares aren’t going to give me much profit. About 20p per share at the best.

Then yesterday the price was showing at £1.17 and today it’s down again to £1.16.

Now Im not a gambling man. But I know the odds of me making money in the near future from these is highly unlikely.

I have until Thursday to sell off my shares at the £1.20 price.

I hope the missus doesn’t mind swapping a cottage holiday on the coast of France for a caravaning holiday on the coast of Wales.



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  1. i don’t mind at all 🙂


  2. Yeah, just look at it as something you didn’t have before so anything is good 🙂

  3. you could always work REALLY hard and hope people start investing in your company? 😛 that way your share price would go up (I think)

  4. My mate just got a flight to spain for £15 there and back. Get on the case! Quids in!

  5. Pinkosa Ok. Will do. But I need a stamp.

    Soupster Well its not a bad thing.

    Kerri, me working hard could be an option. Shares going up, wont be.

    Jo I already have plans to go to Spain at the end of next month. So would have to be somewhere else. Know any other offers?

  6. i think i can stretch to a stamp!!

  7. I’d keep them, you never know what might happen. Just think if in two years your company is doing well and the share price is £4, how pissed off would you be then?

    Seeing as they didn’t cost anything, I’d be tempted to forget about them and see what happens.

  8. Keep em. You’ve no idea what’s going to happen. In ten years’ time they could help you buy a house!!

  9. Well I let them go.
    In the last 6 years the lowest the share price has been is 45p. The highest is £1.40. Its been stuck around the £1.20ish mark for about 3 years.
    Although back in 2001 they where at about £7.50 until for some reason they drop over a a wekk or something to £1.90. Strange. I doubt they will reach that high again.

  10. nice Nice here we come! 😉

  11. I used to love Cities of Gold. Ah-ah-ah-ah, someday we will find… etc.

  12. Soz, I’m not as random as that comment probably made me seem. I was refering to next post!

  13. thanks an awesome clip!! very sentimental.

  14. i mean that’s an awesome clip, I feel like a wanker tonight because I can’t type correctly.

  15. Julia thats ok, I know what you meant.

    Corp lady its ok, we all feel like that sometimes. Had you been drinking?

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