A few things to watch out for.

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A few things you should at to your TV planner.

BBC have a few news things up there sleves.
First they have bought the rights to the first two series of Heros. Everyone should know about Heros, unless you’ve been in a coma for the last few months. Yes I know that not even series one has been shown but thats up soon. But series one should be out soon. One source says July another says Autumn.
Secondly they are making a new show called Outcasts. Made by the same production company that brought you Life on Mars but written by the writer from Spooks, this could be hit or miss.
The future of the Earth looks bad and the race is on to find a new home in the Universe. A group of social misfits and brainy criminals are sent out to build the conditions of new life.

Sky One has Noel Edmonds hosting a new quiz show that I reckon could be a hit – or at least alot of fun – called “Are You Smarter Then a 10 Year Old?” Seems pretty simple enough. I’m sure there will be some sort of twist, but I reckon having a few friends/family around to shout out answers could lead to alot of ribbing for any wrongly answered questions.

In the US – which means we will have it in about 4 years – Kelsey Grammer makes a come back. After watching alot of Fraiser on Paramount with the missus recently I will keep an eye of his new show called “Back To You.” An achor man has an on air melt down and moves back home. Could be like a smart version of Anchor Man.
Sarah Connor Chronicles is a series based on the female character from the Terminator movies. This is expected to be very massive budget show. The pilot alone cost about £4 million.
A few more Sex and the City type shows are out. Lipstick Jungle, from the creator of Sex and the City and Cashmere Mafia, staring Lucy Liu, will both be fighting for the same audience.
And one of my favourite ideas for a show coming soon to the US is Journeyman. A reporter and ex gambling addict travels back in time inexplicable to change people’s lifes. It’s good to see some thought has gone in to this show. (I doubt it will be anywhere near as good as the fantastic Quantum Leap – which is being re-reun far too early on ITV3)

One show that does hit our screens soon, on Wednesday in fact is Big Brother. I’m pretty glad that I’m going to be days away from civilisation so I don’t have to put up with the first show and the meedja circus that follows. But saying that it does get a bit slow in work so I think alot of the TVs in here will always have it on. Can’t argue with the boss.

And finally. For those that have nothing to do in work and bored of reading the same old news, the BBC now has it’s very own weird news section. Also in the news can be found in the BBC News section under Entertainment in the list of categories on the left side bar. I only found this today, so Im going to kill the next 30 minutes by reading some good news.

One last thing. While discussing 80’s Childrens Shows on Facebook yesterday I went to youtube the old theme tune to Cities of Gold – by far the best 80s kids theme tune – when I came across this gem. Anyone remember watching this a year or two ago?

“It’s time for us all to go now. But don’t forget to get your twanger’s out and play with your balls.”




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  1. Woo hoo for Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia!

    Finally something to fill in the hole Sex and the City left in my heart.

  2. oh yes, much in agreement with Rebecca there!

  3. I loved the Cities of Gold! It was a defining TV series for me 😛

  4. Oh nooooo. I was hoping that girls would of given up on that whole Sex and the City thing.

    Soupster I dont remember much of the show, the only thing that stuck in my head was theme tune “ahhhh ah ah ahhh ahhhhhhhh”

  5. that sounds like ‘Earth Song’ by MJackson!

  6. It also sounds like the aaaahhhh bits in Blur’s “sing” from their “Leisure” album (and from “Trainspotting”)

  7. Heros is the best blooming show in the world ever. I have seen all of the first series and it sure beats lost et les amis.

  8. Pinkosa your right.

    Soupster Ive never realyl heard much of Blur stuff. Except what was on the radio. and their greatest hits album. That was super. But dont think I have heard that song. Humm it.

    Drama, see now Heros, Ive tried watching it. And Im not sure. I think that Id have to watch it from the beginning to actually get it so I’ll give it a try. But I cant promise Ill like it.

  9. i know i’m right… 😛

  10. Heroes is soooo good! Cheesy (obviously being American), and I wasn’t convinced at first, but gets better and better through the first series…

  11. Haven’t seen Heroes yet – heard good reports tho…

  12. The problem I have with Heros is that there was a girl I used to work with that downloads shows as soon as they are shown in the states. She went on and on and on…. about it.
    But I no longer work with her so I may give Heros a chance.

  13. I’m all for getting Paris Hilton on the ‘Are you smarter than a 10 year old’ game.

  14. “Celebrity are you smarter than a 10 year old.” That could go down well. Quick, sell Skys own idea to them

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