See you later ESpana alligator

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Well I’m off to here…

Ok, I’m not really heading to the planet of the 5 Suns. But South Coast Spain is looking hot at the moment.

So here is something I am going to leave with you while I’m gone.

I may of just found my album of the summer. Can’t wait to get this on my mp3 player. Dust off the old CD tonight hopefully.

Anyway, here is one of their better tracks, done in cappella.
Can you guess who it is? Well worth a listen.


Oh pretty green eyes

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I’m a little jealous.
One of the girls I work with has just set off, with backpack and sleeping bag in toe, to Glastonbury. Lucky Mother Hubbard.
Did anyone see the news bit on BBC Breakfast at Glastonbury? Where they had the chat with the campers about to tuck in to breakfast. All were drinking beer. At seven thirty in the morning. Damn! I remember when I was doing that last year at V. Lucky festivalers.

Anyway, I’m off to Spain on Saturday, that’s one reason why I can’t go to Galstonbury. So in celebration of going somewhere sunny I got my hairchopped. It’s been a while. I think I’ve only had one haircut in the last 12 months. And my hair has been getting hot lately so I wanted to avoid having a hot head.
So I turned up for my appointment and descibed as best as I could the haircut I wanted to the little-English speaking hairdresser. It’s very hard to describe to someone who has little grasp on English what it is I want done to my hair without using words like “choppy,” and other made up words to describe what I want done.
Luckily I had a photo, so we used that.
And although there was a disagreement over whether the top of my crown should be short or long – she won, she had the scissors, of course she won – I think she did a great job.
Although I wasn’t sure if she was hitting on me or not.¬† When she said “the poto is handsome. You are handsome,” I was thinking, ‘Is she hitting on me?’ Then the male-receptionist said “You look handsome.” So either it was just a compliment….
or I was having very lucky day! Yessssssss ūüėČ

Stupid rules

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You know those emails/websites that get forwarded around about stupid laws that once, or still do, exsist.
You know, like not being able to carry an ice cream in your back pocket in some stated in America.

Well now a town in the US is banning sagging trousers. This is how these stupid laws begin.

I can picture the scene now, a few decades ago, all the youths of the day are fighting against The Man and rebelling. As a sign of their rebellion and a fashion statement, they all wear ice creams in their pockets.

It all makes sense now.

Oh and PS, girls, no more eating chocolate on public transport.

The News newsy news fish – “rarrg”

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You don’t hear of many white people called ‘Ivory.’

¬†The best news I have heard in a while…
a word from the studio

Yes I know its been a while ….. but we’ve been working on this album for a while …… BUT WE ARE NEARLY THERE …..

Yessss, finally Radiohead are getting somewhere. Its been long enough. But they already knew that.

Also, the lot of yous, please prey for the God of good weather for the next two days.

Me and the missus are off to the Wireless Festival. Faithless, White Stripes, moshing to the Queens of the Stone Age. It will allll be good.
But the BBC are telling me there will be some clouds, boooooo
Finges Fingers crossed though it will not be while we are partying on the field.
But if you could all get together, see which one of yous hasnt had sex yet and sacrifce that person to this guy.

God of Weather

It would be much appreciated.


The one that goes, “hhhummmm hmmm derr”

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OK, so lets get started on these photo blogs of my holiday in Scotland – try and get these out of the way before I get a load of Spanish ones piling up.
These photos are in no particualr order. Im just picking out whatever photo I want to write about.
Im trying to get a few more on photobucket soon so some of the best photos and stories will come last.

The first day we had at Mallaig we took a trip over to Skye. This was the missus idea. It went down well with the whole holiday party that we were with.
We booked the tickets for the ferry and jumped on board. Everyone got seats at the front of the ferry so they could experience the whole journey to Skye. That lasted about all of 15 minutes. As when the ferry was in open water the wind really picked up and it was a bit too windy for some who decided to watch from inside the cafe area.

When we arrived at Skye we were greeted by some proper Scottish bag pipe music. There was just the one Scotsman playing at the port. He must of made a living off busking, but I reckon he did quite well each day. He was like a mini celebratory. He was being papped from every angle…well almost every angle. I dont think anyone confirmed the myth of whats up a Scotsman kilt.

Bagpipe Man
Anyway, here is our effort. Click for full view.

I think the missus did a great job of getting the Knoydart hills in the background.

We spotted this guy on our way back. He played so well known tunes that escape my memory now. I think one might of been the Scottish National Antheme. (If someone humms it Ill confirm if I’m right or not) But me and the missus had more time while waiting for the return home with the Scottish music, enough time to have¬†a little jig.

Scotland, escaltors and all that

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Well seeing as the Soupster is no longer with us to complain about escalators l’ll take over for the day.

Although mine isn’t a complaint. Its a well-isnt-it-about-time Congratulations.

The folk over at “Trains that enter and leave the Station of Blackfriars” – it wouldn’t be Soup like if there wasn’t some sort of code in there, decipher that!¬†– have finally fixed the escalator. So now both are working. Hurrah! I mean it’s only been over a month since they started sticking on the “The part we need to make this thing move has been ordered and will arrive this week” Or something along those lines. Obviously the next time someone places an order for a new piece of escalator they should maybe ask which week will the piece arrive?

Anyway, as some of you may of noticed there was a lack of posts last week. Before anyone smart tries to point out I know there has been a lack of interesting posts in a longer time so whats the differnce?
But I was off in Scotland last week. Conquering hills, watching wooly cows, chasing seals and spotting pirates.

Pirate ship
Yes, you heard right. Spotting pirates.

Once, I’ve taught my dad how to use the very fast ¬†and great for uploading huge amount of photos application that is Flock, I’ll be posting many mini stories along with some very fun photos.

So to keep you keen here is a little something something


Shakin ass and takin names

Thursday 07 June at 1331 | Posted in Lifestyle, Personal, Work | 8 Comments

My photo has been put forward by colleagues for the companies newsletter under the category of “Lookilikies”

Can you guess which celebrity my colleagues think I lookilike?


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This year is very much a Festival year for me. For some reason I have wanted to get back in to going to gigs – mainly ones with a few unsigned bands and were the drink isnt over the top expensive.

This year I also have a few one day Festivals planned. And a few more in the pipeline.

As well as making a regular of Buttoned Down Live Shows here is where else I hope to be playing out.

June has O2. 14th and 15th are dates that the missus and I have confirmed. Looking forward to seeing Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes, The Thrills, Mark Ronson and the missus favourite Faithless.
There is also the 16th that I have not yet booked, which has CSS and New Young Pony Club that I’d like to go see. But we will see, I’m on holiday the following week so shouldn’t really be spending too much.

July has potential to be alot of fun. It all depends on how arsed I can be, travelling and money.
There is Latitude. Saturday has Clap Your Hands Say Yeah playing. One of my favourite and most memorible gigs. Great group. Sunday has Arcade Fire. The one that got away. I missed this band after asking a friend to pick up tickets. I was told the next day by two music fans who do loads of gigs that they were amazing. I don’t know how many chances I’ll get to see these.
As well as a few other bands playing that I’m not really interested in there is also comedy – I know a certain someone who is happy to hear a particular Black Book comedian is playing – and other stages to see and do stuff at Latitude. Making it more of a day out then a music festival. But at ¬£45 a day and me not having a clue where it is, unlike Jennifer Anderson, is it worth it?
A week after Lattitude is Lovebox. A great mixture of groups including Blondie and NYPC popping up again as well as plenty of music for me to hear for the first time. Also making an appearence is the Insect Circus. I love this place. If you ever see it around it’s worth the ¬£1 entry fee just to see the museum.
If I could only chose one festival this month it would have to be Lovebox.

Getting in to summer and in to August there is Creamfields. Situated on the Daresbury Estate and only a long walks distance away from my mums, Creamfields is a Fesitval I have experienced only once before. You get fantastic value for money with what must read like hundreds of acts confirmed. From old boys¬† like Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada, to the familiar faces of Mark Ronson and NYPC (Again!) But Cremafields is more then just a night out. It’s an experience. It’s about pre parties and after parties. This year is looking hot as a friend has done up his home complete with jacuzzi. A few days off work will be needed for this to give me time to recover.

Then when everything settles down a bit it’ll be time to check on who is touring. Beastie Boys and Basement Jaxx are about.¬† I might turn up at Echo and the Bunnymen just to get them to play Killing Moon and then hit the bar for the rest of the night.

So, what you doing this Summer?

Living in cloud cuckoo land

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Call off the search rescue.

I think you’ve all gone completely mad.

Sorry about the cuckoo mention.

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