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This year is very much a Festival year for me. For some reason I have wanted to get back in to going to gigs – mainly ones with a few unsigned bands and were the drink isnt over the top expensive.

This year I also have a few one day Festivals planned. And a few more in the pipeline.

As well as making a regular of Buttoned Down Live Shows here is where else I hope to be playing out.

June has O2. 14th and 15th are dates that the missus and I have confirmed. Looking forward to seeing Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes, The Thrills, Mark Ronson and the missus favourite Faithless.
There is also the 16th that I have not yet booked, which has CSS and New Young Pony Club that I’d like to go see. But we will see, I’m on holiday the following week so shouldn’t really be spending too much.

July has potential to be alot of fun. It all depends on how arsed I can be, travelling and money.
There is Latitude. Saturday has Clap Your Hands Say Yeah playing. One of my favourite and most memorible gigs. Great group. Sunday has Arcade Fire. The one that got away. I missed this band after asking a friend to pick up tickets. I was told the next day by two music fans who do loads of gigs that they were amazing. I don’t know how many chances I’ll get to see these.
As well as a few other bands playing that I’m not really interested in there is also comedy – I know a certain someone who is happy to hear a particular Black Book comedian is playing – and other stages to see and do stuff at Latitude. Making it more of a day out then a music festival. But at £45 a day and me not having a clue where it is, unlike Jennifer Anderson, is it worth it?
A week after Lattitude is Lovebox. A great mixture of groups including Blondie and NYPC popping up again as well as plenty of music for me to hear for the first time. Also making an appearence is the Insect Circus. I love this place. If you ever see it around it’s worth the £1 entry fee just to see the museum.
If I could only chose one festival this month it would have to be Lovebox.

Getting in to summer and in to August there is Creamfields. Situated on the Daresbury Estate and only a long walks distance away from my mums, Creamfields is a Fesitval I have experienced only once before. You get fantastic value for money with what must read like hundreds of acts confirmed. From old boys  like Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada, to the familiar faces of Mark Ronson and NYPC (Again!) But Cremafields is more then just a night out. It’s an experience. It’s about pre parties and after parties. This year is looking hot as a friend has done up his home complete with jacuzzi. A few days off work will be needed for this to give me time to recover.

Then when everything settles down a bit it’ll be time to check on who is touring. Beastie Boys and Basement Jaxx are about.  I might turn up at Echo and the Bunnymen just to get them to play Killing Moon and then hit the bar for the rest of the night.

So, what you doing this Summer?



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  1. sounds like we need to get saving up for all that lot!! eeeek

    as long as we can still afford Nice after all of that…..?

    and a big YES to Basement Jaxx if they are about becasue they are aces

  2. oh and i vote Lovebox becasue the Insect Circus sounds fun and it has a bit of a rude name

  3. Basement Jaxx are about next month. We’ll have a look at the tickets later.
    The insect Circus is like that one that was next to the Tate Modern that time. Were I got all those photos from.
    Lovebox I think will be much easier to get to and alot of fun. Maybe we should get tickets for this one instead of Latitude?

  4. ooo can we can we? I saw them at Robbie Williams and they were so good! *dance dance dance*

    You’ve tempted me with your insects sir… i think i would like to say i’ve done a Lovebox 😉

  5. HACKNEY CITY FARM are there?!?! we have to go now, they will have sheep and things

  6. Hang on! The last time we introduced you to goats you were chased and almost had your bag ate.

  7. Writing a dissertation….YESSSSSSSSSSS! I win.

  8. Jo, yes you do. No contest 🙂

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