Shakin ass and takin names

Thursday 07 June at 1331 | Posted in Lifestyle, Personal, Work | 8 Comments

My photo has been put forward by colleagues for the companies newsletter under the category of “Lookilikies”

Can you guess which celebrity my colleagues think I lookilike?



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  1. Not knowing what someone looks like makes it really hard to guess who they look like, but I’ll try anyway.


  2. Jo, Ghandi is a good guess but wrong. If you want to see a photo of me there is a few near the bottom of my blog on an earlier entry. Ones of me throwing a few shapes in a club.

  3. which photo?

  4. hmmm Jason Orange

    that guy off Emmerdale

  5. What do you mean which photo? What photo are work using? They just took one on someones phone.

    Neither of those two.

    Everyone fancy a clue?

    He mooned Michael Jackson a few years back.

  6. you look nothing like him!!!

  7. Not like Michael Jackson no, youre right.

  8. 😛 no, like Jarvis!!! nononononononono


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