Scotland, escaltors and all that

Friday 08 June at 1100 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Scotland | 6 Comments

Well seeing as the Soupster is no longer with us to complain about escalators l’ll take over for the day.

Although mine isn’t a complaint. Its a well-isnt-it-about-time Congratulations.

The folk over at “Trains that enter and leave the Station of Blackfriars” – it wouldn’t be Soup like if there wasn’t some sort of code in there, decipher that! – have finally fixed the escalator. So now both are working. Hurrah! I mean it’s only been over a month since they started sticking on the “The part we need to make this thing move has been ordered and will arrive this week” Or something along those lines. Obviously the next time someone places an order for a new piece of escalator they should maybe ask which week will the piece arrive?

Anyway, as some of you may of noticed there was a lack of posts last week. Before anyone smart tries to point out I know there has been a lack of interesting posts in a longer time so whats the differnce?
But I was off in Scotland last week. Conquering hills, watching wooly cows, chasing seals and spotting pirates.

Pirate ship
Yes, you heard right. Spotting pirates.

Once, I’ve taught my dad how to use the very fast  and great for uploading huge amount of photos application that is Flock, I’ll be posting many mini stories along with some very fun photos.

So to keep you keen here is a little something something




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  1. i LOVE that picture!!!

  2. And its not even photoshopped.

  3. These japanese are crazy.

    And I think (sorry to spoil your fun) tis not a pirate ship. Tis a cornish ship. But cracking pic nevertheless

  4. They are very entertaining……

    I dont know what I am more surprised about, you know its not a pirate ship or that you know its a Cornish Ship

  5. My boyfriend never stops reminding me of the time I asked if pirates actually existed. Woops.

    That clip is fucking funny…what is it with mental japanese game shows??? So worrying!

  6. You once asked if pirates exsisted? haha Genius.
    Thats as bad as my girlfriend thinking there was once an elephant in the room because she heard the TV.

    The Japanse game shows are mental! Theyre fantastic.

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