The one that goes, “hhhummmm hmmm derr”

Tuesday 12 June at 1408 | Posted in Life, Personal, Scotland | 5 Comments

OK, so lets get started on these photo blogs of my holiday in Scotland – try and get these out of the way before I get a load of Spanish ones piling up.
These photos are in no particualr order. Im just picking out whatever photo I want to write about.
Im trying to get a few more on photobucket soon so some of the best photos and stories will come last.

The first day we had at Mallaig we took a trip over to Skye. This was the missus idea. It went down well with the whole holiday party that we were with.
We booked the tickets for the ferry and jumped on board. Everyone got seats at the front of the ferry so they could experience the whole journey to Skye. That lasted about all of 15 minutes. As when the ferry was in open water the wind really picked up and it was a bit too windy for some who decided to watch from inside the cafe area.

When we arrived at Skye we were greeted by some proper Scottish bag pipe music. There was just the one Scotsman playing at the port. He must of made a living off busking, but I reckon he did quite well each day. He was like a mini celebratory. He was being papped from every angle…well almost every angle. I dont think anyone confirmed the myth of whats up a Scotsman kilt.

Bagpipe Man
Anyway, here is our effort. Click for full view.

I think the missus did a great job of getting the Knoydart hills in the background.

We spotted this guy on our way back. He played so well known tunes that escape my memory now. I think one might of been the Scottish National Antheme. (If someone humms it Ill confirm if I’m right or not) But me and the missus had more time while waiting for the return home with the Scottish music, enough time to have a little jig.



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  1. i wanted to take a picture up his kilt, but i didn’t have enough lose change to put in his little pot!

  2. Im sure with a pretty face like yours you wouldnt of needed change.

  3. aww well i’ll take that as a lovely compliment and not as you being a ruuuuuuudey

  4. I went to the Isle of Skye a few years ago and loved it. It’s a great spot despite the mad wind!

  5. Betty it is very beautiful and peaceful there (or at least where we were, I know that during the time we were there it was the end of the Skye Festival)
    The mad wind just seems to occupy the open waters. We were hit be almost as mad wind heading back to Mallaig.

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